Exposing Flaws in Messari’s Report on Ripple’s Circulating Supply

In recent weeks, Ryan Selkis (head of Messari, a blockchain research firm) has made arguments about why Ripple’s circulating supply should be adjusted.

Toward the end of January 2019, Messari posted up this article:

🔎 [Messari Research] Ripple’s market cap

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XRP Finally Being Added as a Base Pair on Binance

Recently, Binance announced that $XRP would be added as a base pair asset on the exchange for two different traded tokens:

This is fairly big news because the $XRP community has been anticipating such an addition on a major exchange

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Proving Ripple Labs Owns (and Created) $XRP


Forenote: There will be a healthy amount of archive links that are embeded throughout the article. Therefore, it must be iterated now that an archived link cannot be ‘faked’ or ‘photoshopped’ — that is not how the process of

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Ripple Looking Incredibly…Neutral

This price analysis will be dedicated to dissecting the future price action of the Ripple coin. This coin is probably one of the most highly anticipated and suggested coins in the T10, so we’ll make sure to take our time

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Ripple Looks Ready to Drop Another 20 Percent in Price: Shorts Get Ready

Ripple Looks Ready to Drop Another 20 Percent in Price: Shorts Get Ready

For those that have been following the price articles that have been put out in recent times, the recent downturn in price is something that was anticipated … Read more

What Does Ripple’s General Counsel Leaving Mean for Ripple?

What Does Ripple’s General Counsel Leaving Mean for Ripple?

If you’ve been following the news on Ripple (parent company that has dominant stake over the cryptocurrency, XRP), you may have noticed a recent headline from Qz [Quartz] that read, ‘Ripple’s Read more

Ripple Price Analysis: Short-Terms Longs Could Be Amazing

Ripple Price Analysis: Short-Terms Longs Could Be Amazing

Disclaimer: This article is not financial advice. The author is not a financial advisor and this article was not paid for.

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Daily Market Update/Analysis 6–17–2018

Picture Cred: CoinTelegraph

This article is designed to give an up-to-date overview of the markets as of June 17th, 2018.

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Ripple Lawsuit Will Probably Be Successful

Recently, Bloomberg Crypto put up a tweet that showed the details of a lawsuit pending against Ripple at this very moment for the ‘unregistered sale of securities’. Here is the link below:


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$XRP Price+Fundamental Analysis 4/30/2018

Source: BTCManager Artist

So, for those that have been following $XRP — there hasn’t been anything notable about the price of $XRP outside of the normal pattern of all other altcoins for the month of April.

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Why Ripple Isn’t a Good Long-Term Investment

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Ripple (XRP) Price Analysis: A Move to $0.40 Next? (2–7–18)

Originally Posted on: https://btcmanager.com/ripple-xrp-price-analysis-move-0-40-next/

In this analysis, we look at ripple (XRP) and anticipate support to be established around $0.40.

The chart above is of the XRP-BTC pairing on the 8-hour chart. This chart is worth examining because it shows … Read more

Ripple Review: An ACTUAL Critical Analysis of the Company and its Token, $XRP

Pre-Article Notes

Recently, there has been a lot of criticism and angst regarding my opinions on the Ripple token, so I figured that I would clarify things up at this point and provide some context around things.

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