Ontology is Riddled With Issues (Pt. 2)


In this second portion of the Ontology breakdown, we’re going to take an in-depth look at the project itself by reviewing some of the assertions made in its whitepaper as well as on its website.

Brief (Formal) Coin Description:

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Ontology is Riddled With Issues (Pt. 1)


For some reason, the cryptocurrency community has not covered the fact that the cryptocurrency project, Ontology, is riddled with a number of issues that make it far from a reliable or invest-worthy project.

Ontology’s Blockchain Went ‘Down for Maintenance’

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Ontology Full Research Report 6–22–2018

This article provides a full research report on the coin, Ontology

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Ontology Research Group Launched on Telegram

Here’s the link to the Research Group on Telegram: https://t.me/OntologyResearchGroup

What is This Research Group?

So, the purpose of this article release is to inform everyone of the Ontology Research Group that I have created.

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