Litecoin Bull Pennant


Its been a little while since we’ve had the opportunity to cover Litecoin! So, we’re going to go ahead and cover one of crypto’s must coveted assets.

It is super hard to look at the chart above and

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Why Has Litecoin’s Price Increased So Much? (Deep Fundamental Analysis)

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If you’ve asked this question, then hats off to you, because it should be asked.

As noted in the most recent price analysis, Litecoin’s price has increased by 140%+.

Picture above has shit quality for some God-forsaken reason.

Reason #1 

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Daily Market Update/Analysis 6–17–2018

Picture Cred: CoinTelegraph

This article is designed to give an up-to-date overview of the markets as of June 17th, 2018.

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Litecoin Price Analysis 2/25/2018

Had to hit you guys with a solid one for the day:

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First thing that I’m noticing here with Litecoin is that the Ichimoku is actually giving buy signals on the 4H chart.

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Better Days Ahead for Litecoin 2–8–17

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In what follows, we provide an analysis of litecoin against bitcoin and the US Dollar, with a move to $175 on the cards.

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