How to Craft Solid Articles

Picture Credit: CoinTelegraph

Someone recently asked me what my process is for curating an article where I’m going to unearth some information.

After writing what I believe was a very thorough response, I figured it only made sense to also … Read more

Understanding Logarithmic Charts and Knowing When to Use Them + TradingView Guide

Source: Wikimedia Commons

A few folks asked me before why I use logarithmic charts for Bitcoin. The article posted below gives a great explanation for why.

Logarithmic charts are better in general when you’re looking at the evolution of … Read more

Hard Forks Pt. II


For those unfamiliar with the cryptocurrency, Ethereum, there are numerous reasons for why it now exists as a heavily forked currency. One reason is the ‘malleability’ of the Ethereum blockchain. When we say malleability, we mean that the chain … Read more

Best RSI Guide for Cryptocurrency You’ll Ever Find

As mentioned before, you only need one type of indicator. So, if you’re using both the RSI and the Stochastic RSI, you’re wasting your time. They both are leading(1) momentum(2) indicators that look at the same thing — is … Read more