$SUB Announces They Will Be Gambling Investor Funds

So its come to this:

In a video released on December 14th, 2018, by the Substratum team’s official YouTube account, Justin Tabb announces that the team will be speculatively trading their allocation of Ethereum in order to acquire more funds

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A Response to Bitfinex’s Recent Love Letter to Me

$ZRX Coinbase Addition Rumor Confirmed

In recent days, there has been a ‘rumor’ going around the crypto community that there is some parts of the Coinbase (exchange) interface that shows $ZRX information.

The original source (as far as the author Read more

We May Be on the Brink of Mt. Gox Pt. 2: Bitfinex Edition

We May Be on the Brink of Mt. Gox Pt. 2: Bitfinex Edition


Unless you’ve been sleeping and living under a rock, you’ve probably become more than aware of the fact that there has been widespread speculation about the … Read more

Bitcoin Denial of Service Vulnerability Found in the Code

Bitcoin Denial of Service Vulnerability Found in the Code


Today, on September, 18th, 2018, there was a ‘vulnerability’ in the Bitcoin client (specifically versions 0.14.0 and 0.16.2) that were identified by an anonymous reporter via Bitcoin Core’s main repository.Read more

Forensic Report/Analysis of the SEC’s Decision to Suspend Trading for Swedish ETFs

SEC Officially Suspends Trading of Swedish ‘Backdoor’ ETFs


On September 9th, 2018, at approximately 5:43 p.m. EST; GMT-4 time, the SEC tweeted out that it had officially suspended trading for the Bitcoin Tracker One (“CXBTF”) and Ether Tracker One … Read more

SEC Rejects Multiple ETFs: A Thorough Breakdown on Why ETFs May NEVER Be Accepted

SEC Rejects Multiple ETFs: A Thorough Breakdown on Why ETFs Will NEVER Be Accepted

I’m sure that everyone has already seen this headline multiple times before, but I figured that I would put my two cents into the situation while … Read more

Iran’s Crypto Announcement is 10x More Important Than the ETFs

Iran’s Crypto Announcement is 10x More Important Than the ETFs


Recently, there was an article published by Forbes that detailed plans by some nations to start using cryptocurrencies in order to usurp the U.S. dollar so that they can … Read more

Binance CEO, Changpeng Zhao, Previews DEX That Binance Claimed They Would Launch

Binance CEO, Changpeng Zhao, Previews DEX That Binance Claimed They Would Launch


So, you remember months and months ago, when Binance claimed that they were going to launching a new exchange platform and that their token ($BNB) was going … Read more

RIP Tether? IBM Looking to Create Their Own Stablecoin


So, I saw some headlines today that definitely got my attention.

As usual, there are just certain pieces of current events news that I feel compelled to cover in a bit more depth than you’ll get from most of … Read more

We May Have Jumped the Gun a Tad on BlackRock

Picture Credit: Reuters


On July 16th, 2018, I distinctly recall being bombarded with a host of alerts, articles, and tweets from folks in the crypto community claiming that BlackRock had finally decided to make their foray into cryptocurrency.

These … Read more

In-Depth Bitcoin Historical Analysis That May Provide the Answer for What Comes Next

This endeavor started with me just putting up some price charts in my Telegram channel and noting some observations.

Then, I started to take a closer look and notice some distinct patterns and phases via technical analysis that Bitcoin has … Read more

Auditing the Tether “Audit”: Tether Has Shown Nothing Thus Far

Recently (late June), the official Tether Twitter put out a couple of tweets in which they:

  1. Linked a ‘report’, which they titled a ‘Transparency Update’
  2. Linked another report, which they stated was prepared by the law firm, Freeh, Sporkin &
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Neither $QSP or $BNT Should Be Trusted As Reliable Platforms in Crypto

Alright, so I’m not going to waste a lot of time, because I just want to get right to it.

For anyone that has a pulse, you’ll remember that $BNT had their platform “audited” by Quantstamp about a month or … Read more

Why the India ‘Bank Ban’ Should Be Expected and Why ANY Strong Reaction Would Be Illogical


The purpose of this article will be to review the recent decision by the Indian government to summarily ban banks from trading with cryptocurrency.


In specific, this ‘bank ban’ is not something that is new news. The issue, … Read more

Coinbase’s Broker Was Censured and Fined by the SEC for Using Customer Funds for Personal Gain

I’m pretty sure that most of us had the feeling that most of the exchanges in the space use some sort of fractional reserve for customer funds. But, this tweet from Nathaniel Popper (NYT writer), surprised me a bit.

Check … Read more

Tether Double-Spending Vulnerability Confirmed; Exchanges May Be At Risk 6–28–2018

Yes, you read that title correctly.

Earlier today (June 28th, 2018), the private Chinese cybersecurity firm, SlowMist, put up this tweet:


If you can’t read Chinese, here’s the English translation below:

The translation reads,

“The exchange in the USDT Read more

South Korean Regulations Probably Not Impending

Hey Everyone!

As mentioned before in some of my other articles/posts that covered the various hacks of South Korean exchanges, the panic in the markets that would follow didn’t necessarily come from the news of the hack itself, but from … Read more

Another Day Another Hack: Bithumb Exchange Out of $30 Million

As the title implies, yes, there was another hack and this time the victim was South Korean exchange — Bithumb.

This is as reported by the news sites, ‘Reuters’ (see below):

This appears to be corroborated by the recent tweets … Read more

Visa Goes Down — The Crypto Use Case Goes Up

Picture Cred: Btcmanager


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you probably heard the news that Visa transactions went down all over Europe.

What the Hell Happened?

I had the exact same reaction when I first heard the news.… Read more

Verge is One of the Most Unsafe, Risky Investments in All of Crypto

Picture Cred: btcmanager; Disclaimer for this article: This is not investment advice, I do not own any $XVG, nor have I ever and do not plan on doing so in the next few weeks at least. No one/entity/company/corporation paid me
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The CFTC+SEC Ethereum Dilemma

Picture Credit: Btcmanager

I can sense there’s probably some ambivalence regarding the decision on Monday that’s to be made regarding Ethereum being a security or not.

“What SEC+CFTC Decision Are You Talking About?”

If you’re wondering what I’m talking about … Read more

Ripple Lawsuit Will Probably Be Successful

Recently, Bloomberg Crypto put up a tweet that showed the details of a lawsuit pending against Ripple at this very moment for the ‘unregistered sale of securities’. Here is the link below:


The tweet reads, “Ripple has been hit … Read more

Why Warren Buffett’s Opinion on Bitcoin Does Not Matter

Source: CoinTelegraph


Before I even get into this story, I just want to preface it by saying that I am not a cryptocurrency fanboy by any means.

I realize that there are substantial hurdles that remain still for Bitcoin … Read more

MEW Wallet Should be Sued for Lost Funds

So, the news of the hack of the DNS servers that MEW operates on is absolutely no secret at this point in time.

There are plenty of articles out about it at this point, so I’m not going to waste … Read more

Major Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against NANO

Originally published at cryptoslate.com on April 8, 2018; Author: CryptoMedication

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