Solana Proof of History Review (Op-Ed)

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Disclaimer: The views espoused in this article are that of the editor and the editor alone. Please conduct your own research and form your own conclusions.

I’ve been reading through Solana’s Proof of History articles (not the documentation yet per

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Comprehensive Descriptive List for the T75 Cryptocurrencies

Comprehensive Descriptive List for the T75 Cryptocurrencies

The purpose of this article will be to give a definitive (somewhat) definition of the top 75 cryptocurrencies in the sphere.

Next to each coin’s name will be a very brief synopsis of … Read more

Bitcoin Trade Strategy: Aggressive Short Mode

Bitcoin Trade Strategy: Aggressive Short Mode

So there aren’t a lot of really strong (safe) opportunities in the market at this very moment going either way (long or short).

Thus, this seems like a perfect time to take a bit … Read more

Ethereum Price Analysis (With Some FA Sprinkled In)

XRP Price Analysis

This one felt needed (among others), in order to warn of the latent risk of just barreling into an investment here.

Without wasting any time, let’s look at the daily chart (zoomed out) w the Fibonnaci applied … Read more

RIP Tether? IBM Looking to Create Their Own Stablecoin


So, I saw some headlines today that definitely got my attention.

As usual, there are just certain pieces of current events news that I feel compelled to cover in a bit more depth than you’ll get from most of … Read more

In-Depth Bitcoin Historical Analysis That May Provide the Answer for What Comes Next

This endeavor started with me just putting up some price charts in my Telegram channel and noting some observations.

Then, I started to take a closer look and notice some distinct patterns and phases via technical analysis that Bitcoin has … Read more

Auditing the Tether “Audit”: Tether Has Shown Nothing Thus Far

Recently (late June), the official Tether Twitter put out a couple of tweets in which they:

  1. Linked a ‘report’, which they titled a ‘Transparency Update’
  2. Linked another report, which they stated was prepared by the law firm, Freeh, Sporkin &
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11 Reason Why I Think Telcoin WON’T Work

So, recently I put out a list of some concerns that I had about Telcoin on Twitter and some of the members of the Telcoin were in strong disagreement (which I figured would happen).

However, one very knowledgeable member did … Read more

Neither $QSP or $BNT Should Be Trusted As Reliable Platforms in Crypto

Alright, so I’m not going to waste a lot of time, because I just want to get right to it.

For anyone that has a pulse, you’ll remember that $BNT had their platform “audited” by Quantstamp about a month or … Read more

Why Mex Futures Could be Bad News For Tron


As the title implies, the purpose of this article will be to sift through why the addition of futures contracts based on the coin, Tron, being added to BitMex could spell out bad news for Tron bulls in the … Read more

Ontology Full Research Report 6–22–2018

This article provides a full research report on the coin, Ontology

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Ontology Research Group Launched on Telegram

Here’s the link to the Research Group on Telegram:

What is This Research Group?

So, the purpose of this article release is to inform everyone of the Ontology Research Group that I have created.

“Isn’t that what their Telegram … Read more

Fatal Bug in ICON (ICX) Causes ALL Transfers to be COMPLETELY Disabled Due to a Bug in the Smart…

Apparently, there was/is a fatal flaw in the token, ICON ($ICX) [An ERC20 token] which allowed anyone, apart from the creator of the contract itself, to enable/disable token transfers for any and all individuals.

How Did I Find This?

Short … Read more

Binance Coin is Beginning to Look Magical

The purpose of this article will be to dissect Binance Coin, both in the short and the long-term.

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Bitcoin Cash Price Analysis 6–3–2018

Picture Credit: BTCManager

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Did a price analysis on Bitcoin Cash on June 3rd, 2018, and … Read more

Verge is One of the Most Unsafe, Risky Investments in All of Crypto

Picture Cred: btcmanager; Disclaimer for this article: This is not investment advice, I do not own any $XVG, nor have I ever and do not plan on doing so in the next few weeks at least. No one/entity/company/corporation paid me
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Historical Analysis of Bitcoin (2013–2015)


So, the following charts are an examination of the the last major bear market (2013–2015) that people frequently mention.

That peak you see up there is from November 2013. What’s interesting is the break of that 1.5 year+ downtrend, … Read more

Ripple Lawsuit Will Probably Be Successful

Recently, Bloomberg Crypto put up a tweet that showed the details of a lawsuit pending against Ripple at this very moment for the ‘unregistered sale of securities’. Here is the link below:

The tweet reads, “Ripple has been hit … Read more