Warning: Bitfinex is No Longer Solvent – Remove Your Money Now [In-Depth Report]

The Implications of Bitfinex’s Insolvency

For those that were able to read the last article, I outlined in some fairly excruciating detail why I believe that Bitfinex is currently insolvent.

However, what was not covered were the implications of this … Read more

Analyzing the Ethereum — Security Decision by the SEC

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The purpose of this article will not be to give the news that the SEC revealed that they would not deem Ethereum to be a security.

That has already been well-established by multiple outlets.

Instead, however, the purpose of this … Read more

The Ethereum SEC+CFTC Meeting Was a Hoax

So, this afternoon (GMT-4) around approximately 2 p.m. EST, I decided to do some investigative journalism (hardy har) and call up the SEC. I live in the United States, and I’m familiar with them as an entity.

I figured, why … Read more

The CFTC+SEC Ethereum Dilemma

Picture Credit: Btcmanager

I can sense there’s probably some ambivalence regarding the decision on Monday that’s to be made regarding Ethereum being a security or not.

“What SEC+CFTC Decision Are You Talking About?”

If you’re wondering what I’m talking about … Read more