Cardano: Trouble in Paradise?

Many of the recent headlines concerning Cardano have been overwhelmingly positive, and for good reason.

Charles Hoskinson recently announced that “soul of ‘Shelley’”, the long-awaited protocol upgrade, was finally ‘out’.

Charles Hoskinson on Twitter

The soul of Shelley is out

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Cardano Short Could Yield 50%+ Profit

Today, we’re going to take a look at Cardano because it is another coin for which there has been a specific price review requested of it.

So, let’s see what the price action on this project is at the moment.

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Cardano is Looking Very Ambiguous (Price Analysis)




There have been a few noteworthy events on the Cardano protocol as of late, so let’s take a look at some of them to get a better gauge on what’s going on in terms of its price

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Cardano Price Analysis

Cardano Price Analysis

The purpose of this review is to take a look at one of the top MC coins in crypto and analyze its price movement.

Cardano Price Analysis

Currently, the downtrend for $ADA, which has been in … Read more

Why Mex Futures Could be Bad News For Tron


As the title implies, the purpose of this article will be to sift through why the addition of futures contracts based on the coin, Tron, being added to BitMex could spell out bad news for Tron bulls in the … Read more

Cardano Price Analysis 2–25–2018

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Cardano Price Analysis

So, Cardano has been shitting the bed for nearly two months at this point in terms of its BTC and USD(T) value. This is the 12H chart btw.

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