Tracking Down the [First] Bancor Hack: Huobi Has Explaining to Do

The first address that we’re going to look at (via Etherscan), can be found here:

A screenshot of the address is provided below:


The wallet in the picture above can be seen receiving 25.5k Ethereum on August 11th,

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Report Shows QuadrigaCX “Cold Wallets” Actively Involved in SIGNIFICANT Criminal Activity: Ties to Silk Road, Hacked Funds, Identity Theft, and Drug/Human Trafficking




Recently, CoinDesk posted an article on their site that referenced a Reddit user’s analysis into the 103 bitcoins that QuadrigaCX (Canadian Exchange) claims that it sent to a cold wallet by accident.

Specifically, CoinDesk cites this Reddit

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$NEO: The Great Heist (An Analytical Research Case Study) Pt. 1

$NEO: The Great Heist (An Analytical Research Case Study) Pt. 1

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This study was prompted in response to a specific sphere-wide response from those in the $NEO subreddit and their other community channels … Read more