Bitcoin Cash Price Analysis

We have not seriously covered the price of Bitcoin Cash for quite some time (ever since the split between the ABC and SV protocols) because the price of the two assets were moving in unison for the most part.


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Understanding the $BCH Hard Fork and Potential Consequences



If you’ve been following the ongoing warfare within the Bitcoin Cash community (and it is warfare at this point), then you’re probably also aware of the impending Bitcoin ABC hard fork implementation that is set to activate on

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Bitcoin Cash Still Has Some Gas Left in the Tank

As mentioned before in our chats (Telegram and on Twitter) Bitcoin Cash still has the latent potential to continue increasing in price despite the enormous gains that it has accumulated in the past 24–48 hours.


Let’s briefly

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Explaining the Background Behind the Bitcoin Cash Hard Fork (2018)

So What’s Going On?

Two Simple Words:

Hard Fork

For those that are unaware, there’s a major debate in the Bitcoin Cash community currently that is expected to result in a complete chain split (various individuals within the Bitcoin Cash

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Bitcoin Cash Also Looking Boring and Neutral (Slightly Bearish)

There has been a noticeable absence of Bitcoin Cash price analyses that we have conducted, so we’re going to attempt to rectify that now in our price analysis of Bitcoin Cash.

Please keep in mind that we will be dissecting

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Some Issues Regarding Bitcoin Cash Community’s Response to Scaling (Op-Ed)


So, this thread was prompted in response to a thread of conversation that I saw between a core dev on the $BCH protocol and a few other users on Twitter and I felt compelled to write about it because … Read more

Bitcoin Cash Price Analysis 6–3–2018

Picture Credit: BTCManager

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Bitcoin Cash

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Perhaps the most contentious fork in Bitcoin history is Bitcoin Cash. There are many different stories/legends/propaganda surrounding its … Read more

How Bitcoin Cash Came to Be

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