Guide To Cryptocurrency Trading Basics: Introduction to Crypto Technical Analysis

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Introduction To Technical Analysis

Technical analysis represents a methodology for evaluating investments which involves a statistical … Read more

Litecoin Price Analysis 2/25/2018

Had to hit you guys with a solid one for the day:

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First thing that I’m noticing here with Litecoin is that the Ichimoku is actually giving buy signals on the 4H chart.

The conversion line (blue) … Read more

What is Litecoin Cash and Is it Legit?

Originally published at on February 21, 2018.

Author: CryptoMedication

If you’re like most other users in the community, you’re probably wondering, ‘What the hell is Litecoin Cash?’ If you haven’t yet done your research on this issue, you may Read more

Exposing Sanjeev Kumar From Omise OmiseGO

I am being forced to repost this story due to the censorship attempts by OmiseGO Omise & Sanjeev Kumar.

Rather than answer the questions that I have posited in the post below, they’d rather suppress my freedom to deliver this … Read more

Ripple Review: An ACTUAL Critical Analysis of the Company and its Token, $XRP

Pre-Article Notes

Recently, there has been a lot of criticism and angst regarding my opinions on the Ripple token, so I figured that I would clarify things up at this point and provide some context around things.

First, some things … Read more

Empirical Evidence That Omise OmiseGO Have Created Fake Executives in Their Company’s Structure

After I posted my other Medium article (here’s the link:, the visceral reaction I got from the community was to be expected.

However, what took me by surprise was the fact that many people felt that the research … Read more

The True Sentiment Behind the Senate Meeting on Bitcoin, ICOs, and Blockchain Technology

Authored by: Cryptomedication under the Zero_n0ncense Brand

Originally published on on February 12, 2018 — Original link

On February 6, 2018, the Senate created a forum to discuss cryptocurrencies in a meeting titled, “Virtual Currencies: The Oversight Role Read more

OmiseGO is One of the Most Audacious Attempts at Centralization I’ve Ever Seen (Op-Ed)


If you’ve been invested in cryptocurrency for a decent amount of time, you’ve probably heard of a coin called, OmiseGO. The purpose of this article will be to give you an overview of the coin, its purpose/solution it purportedly … Read more

How Segwit Murdered Bitcoin: Bitcoin Can NEVER Scale (Op-Ed)

An Economic Proof for Why Segregated Witness Won’t Work and Bitcoin’s Failure to Scale Will Precipitate Its Death


To start with, there’s no easy way to define Segregated Witness. However, I will attempt to give a brief explanation and … Read more

Better Days Ahead for Litecoin 2–8–17

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In what follows, we provide an analysis of litecoin against bitcoin and the US Dollar, with a move to $175 on the cards.

From a general look at litecoin through the LTC-BTC pairing on the 4-hour … Read more

What’s going on with BTC-USD?: Bitcoin Price Analysis (2–6–2018)

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Here’s a bitcoin price analysis for all those out there that are scratching their heads asking themselves, “what’s going on?”

What’s Happening with the Bitcoin Price?

These two candles that I circled there represent the candles … Read more

Ethereum Price Analysis: A Return to $650? (2–4–2018)

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By: CryptoMedication

Given the recent bear market that we’re in, it’s best to start off this analysis with an overview of the ETH/BTC chart to get an idea of how resilient it’s been to BTC’s downward Read more

Power Ledger $POWR Review (Spoiler: Thumbs Down)

I do very informal reviews, so get ready for this one.

Bigger Picture View of Power Ledger ($POWR)

They did the smart thing, and went macro (focusing on company investment) with their approach instead of micro (focusing on the consumer).… Read more

Weiss Ratings Were a Marketing Ploy And Everyone Fell For It

Weiss Cryptocurrency Ratings

So, one thing I noticed in the past week or so is that there’s been a lot of fuss regarding the Weiss Cryptocurrency Ratings. This is especially true given the fact that there were no cryptocurrencies that … Read more

“Can Bitcoin Be Destroyed?”: CoinDesk Response Piece

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I rarely find myself reading an article that is so atrocious that I feel compelled to give a complete and thorough rip of something that’s been posted by another author. However, this recent piece written by CoinDesk … Read more

Bitcoin Must Either Be a Currency or Gold — Not Both. Spoiler Alert: It’s Neither.

I did a lot of research into Bitcoin, and one of the things that struck me as crazy, but that I should have accounted for is the fact that Bitcoin works on a permanent deflationary principle. In other words, the … Read more

Tether/Bitcoin Manipulation And It’s Relationship With BTC Futures

— — — — — — — — Tether/Bitcoin Manipulation Expose — — — — — — —

I’ll keep this introduction brief — the purpose of this writing is to expose the relationship between Tether and Bitcoin and tie … Read more