No, KuCoin Was Not Hacked

Article Originally Published On; Written by Zerononcense

A cryptic tweet sent by the CEO of KuCoin this morning led to a small frenzy in the crypto community.

Specifically, Michael Gan (CEO of KuCoin) tweeted this:

The statement reads:


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Why is the Cryptosphere Underestimating Bitmain?

It seems that all too often there is an article being published that laments on Bitmain as though they were a failing franchise or as if the Chinese conglomerate is on the verge of bankruptcy.

However, this could not be

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XRP Finally Being Added as a Base Pair on Binance

Recently, Binance announced that $XRP would be added as a base pair asset on the exchange for two different traded tokens:

This is fairly big news because the $XRP community has been anticipating such an addition on a major exchange

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Explaining the Background Behind the Bitcoin Cash Hard Fork (2018)

So What’s Going On?

Two Simple Words:

Hard Fork

For those that are unaware, there’s a major debate in the Bitcoin Cash community currently that is expected to result in a complete chain split (various individuals within the Bitcoin Cash

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