What’s Going On With Ethereum Classic?

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Hey all,

Recently I’ve come across some chatter online about whether Ethereum’s change to PoS in the imminent … Read more

Ripple (XRP) Price Analysis: A Move to $0.40 Next? (2–7–18)

Originally Posted on: https://btcmanager.com/ripple-xrp-price-analysis-move-0-40-next/

In this analysis, we look at ripple (XRP) and anticipate support to be established around $0.40.

The chart above is of the XRP-BTC pairing on the 8-hour chart. This chart is worth examining because it shows … Read more

Price Analysis for Various Cryptocurrencies 2–27–2018


This is what Bitcoin initially looked like when I viewed it just a few hours ago from the time of writing:

I mentioned that one should be careful whenever trying to trade something that has been bumping that resistance … Read more

Litecoin Price Analysis 2/25/2018

Had to hit you guys with a solid one for the day:

Image source: https://smartereum.com/3342/litecoin-price-predictions-2018-news-today/

First thing that I’m noticing here with Litecoin is that the Ichimoku is actually giving buy signals on the 4H chart.

The conversion line (blue) … Read more

Better Days Ahead for Litecoin 2–8–17

Originally posted on: https://btcmanager.com/better-days-ahead-litecoin/

In what follows, we provide an analysis of litecoin against bitcoin and the US Dollar, with a move to $175 on the cards.

From a general look at litecoin through the LTC-BTC pairing on the 4-hour … Read more

Ethereum Price Analysis: A Return to $650? (2–4–2018)

Originally Posted On: https://btcmanager.com/ethereum-price-analysis-return-650/

By: CryptoMedication

Given the recent bear market that we’re in, it’s best to start off this analysis with an overview of the ETH/BTC chart to get an idea of how resilient it’s been to BTC’s downward Read more