Is Justin Sun Tron’s Own Worst Enemy?

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Stellar Lumens Fundamental Analysis

Yet another coin that we have not looked at for quite some time now. Stellar Lumens!

We took a little break from viewing Stellar Lumens after its dismal price action throughout the end of 2018 as well as 2019.


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Cardano: Trouble in Paradise?

Many of the recent headlines concerning Cardano have been overwhelmingly positive, and for good reason.

Charles Hoskinson recently announced that “soul of ‘Shelley’”, the long-awaited protocol upgrade, was finally ‘out’.

Charles Hoskinson on Twitter

The soul of Shelley is out

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NEM Has a Savior and Her Name is Alexandra Tinsman


The cryptocurrency, ‘$XEM’ (or NEM) is no longer the same cryptocurrency that you knew in 2018 and before.

It appears that NEM’s new president, Alexandra Tinsman, is the real deal.

This makes a major difference because if NEM

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Ontology is Riddled With Issues (Pt. 2)


In this second portion of the Ontology breakdown, we’re going to take an in-depth look at the project itself by reviewing some of the assertions made in its whitepaper as well as on its website.

Brief (Formal) Coin Description:

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Ontology is Riddled With Issues (Pt. 1)


For some reason, the cryptocurrency community has not covered the fact that the cryptocurrency project, Ontology, is riddled with a number of issues that make it far from a reliable or invest-worthy project.

Ontology’s Blockchain Went ‘Down for Maintenance’

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Jelurida Releases New Technical Roadmap for ARDOR




For those that don’t know, Jelurida is the ‘parent company’ over the cryptocurrency, Ardor.

Created from a fork of $NXT, Ardor posits itself as a blockchain platform that is suited for BaaS (Blockchain-As-A-Service).

Recently, Jelurida (headed by

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Why Has Litecoin’s Price Increased So Much? (Deep Fundamental Analysis)

Image result for litecoin wallpaper

If you’ve asked this question, then hats off to you, because it should be asked.

As noted in the most recent price analysis, Litecoin’s price has increased by 140%+.

Picture above has shit quality for some God-forsaken reason.

Reason #1 

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$EOS Block Producer Collusion: A Full Research Report (Part 1)

$EOS Block Producer Collusion: A Full Research Report (Part 1)

This research report was originally compiled on December 9th, 2018 in the MerkleTrader Telegram. This article serves as the canonization of the research compiled on this topic.

Discovery of

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Dissecting Why the Idea Behind Deepbrain Chain is Utterly Impossible

As stated on the ProofofResearch Twitter account a few weeks ago, my position on Deepbrain Chain is that the idea that they are proposing is implausible and cannot be manifested. This is supported by a wealth of research attesting to

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Proving Ripple Labs Owns (and Created) $XRP


Forenote: There will be a healthy amount of archive links that are embeded throughout the article. Therefore, it must be iterated now that an archived link cannot be ‘faked’ or ‘photoshopped’ — that is not how the process of

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Why is Stellar Implementing the Lightning Network?

Many have long since anticipated the full implementation of Lightning Network compatibility with the Stellar Network by the end of 2018 (Q4).

For those that do not know, the Lightning Network is supposed to be a separate protocol (that word

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$BAT In-Depth Analytical Project Review Pt. 1

In this article series, we’re going to go ahead and take an in-depth look at one of my favorite projects out there in this cryptospace — one that is beloved to a lot of individuals at this current point and

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Reasons to be Extremely Bullish About Stellar Lumens ($XLM)


Lately, there’s been a confluence of negative events in the cryptoworld and, as diligent stewards of the media here at Zerononcense, we have made it our business to ensure that we report each and every single event that comes

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Solana Proof of History Review (Op-Ed)

Image result for Solana proof of history

Disclaimer: The views espoused in this article are that of the editor and the editor alone. Please conduct your own research and form your own conclusions.

I’ve been reading through Solana’s Proof of History articles (not the documentation yet per

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$NEO: The Great Heist (An Analytical Research Case Study) Pt. 1

$NEO: The Great Heist (An Analytical Research Case Study) Pt. 1

Copyright: Zerononcense

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This study was prompted in response to a specific sphere-wide response from those in the $NEO subreddit and their other community channels … Read more

Comprehensive Descriptive List for the T75 Cryptocurrencies

Comprehensive Descriptive List for the T75 Cryptocurrencies

The purpose of this article will be to give a definitive (somewhat) definition of the top 75 cryptocurrencies in the sphere.

Next to each coin’s name will be a very brief synopsis of … Read more

Serious Issues With $NEO: It Does NOT Work!

Serious Issues With $NEO: It Does NOT Work!


I did a mountain of research on $NEO. I won’t talk about Da Hongfei or relegate this to ‘rumors’ around the internet.

Instead, I’d like to focus on the issues with … Read more

$ZCASH is Nothing More Than a Pump and Dump, Get-Rich-Quick Scheme

$ZCASH is Nothing More Than a Pump and Dump, Get-Rich-Quick Scheme


Now, before you even make the comment — the author is well aware of the fact that Coinbase has not technically announced that they are going to add … Read more

11 Reason Why I Think Telcoin WON’T Work

So, recently I put out a list of some concerns that I had about Telcoin on Twitter and some of the members of the Telcoin were in strong disagreement (which I figured would happen).

However, one very knowledgeable member did … Read more

Neither $QSP or $BNT Should Be Trusted As Reliable Platforms in Crypto

Alright, so I’m not going to waste a lot of time, because I just want to get right to it.

For anyone that has a pulse, you’ll remember that $BNT had their platform “audited” by Quantstamp about a month or … Read more