Segregated Witness [SegWit] Explained

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Picture Cred: SegWit themselves

I figured that I would start releasing a series of articles that I expound upon blockchain technology for all my followers/readers out there that are trying to become more educated about the technical side of fundamental Read more

A Mathematical Proof for ‘Proof of Work’

Author: CryptoMedication

Providing a ‘Proof’ for Proof of Work

Source: Proof of Stake versus Proof of Work Whitepaper. (2015). Retrieved from

A dissection of the benefits of Proof-of-Work were laid out in full in a scholarly work by … Read more

How Do Hard Forks Work?

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If you’ve been a member of the cryptocommunity for more than a couple of weeks, you’ve probably heard … Read more

Hard Forks Pt. II


For those unfamiliar with the cryptocurrency, Ethereum, there are numerous reasons for why it now exists as a heavily forked currency. One reason is the ‘malleability’ of the Ethereum blockchain. When we say malleability, we mean that the chain … Read more