$STRAT Looking to Decline Before Bounce

$STRAT Looking to Decline Before Bounce

This is going to be a quick price analysis on $STRAT as a follow-up to its current price action.

Stratis Price Analysis


Price above is pretty apparent at this point.

$STRAT currently trading in a trading range as of right now.

What is a Trading Range?

Source: https://www.investopedia.com/terms/t/tradingrange.asp

So, as can be seen in the original chart that we posted, the price will continue to oscillate back and forth between two support points until of them is broken.

Lower Support Point Price Target

The lower support point is hanging around 20k sats.


Additional Notes:


Balance of Power RSI


Balance of Power RSI showing mass sell-off going on, on the daily still.


No short options available for $STRAT.

Once the price does appear to ‘bounce’ from the 20k sat range, a solid pickup would be recommended.

Traders may benefit from putting an ‘alarm’ or some sort of alert via TradingView on the trade.

Disclaimer: None of this information is meant to be considered trading advice. I (the author) am not a financial advisor. I do not currently hold a position in $STRAT or any of its competitors currently.

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