There’s a Deranged Lunatic Stalking Popular Cryptocurrency Personalities


Here’s Why

Whalepool (which is connected to Bitfinex), is extremely angry that I wrote an article in which I claimed that they were insolvent. They see myself as well as Bitfinexed as the thought leaders in the community that are ‘rallying’ everyone to abandon the exchange and ‘dump’ their Tether on the market, subsequently causing the peg to break.

Obviously, this is not the case, but when desperation settles in, there’s no telling what level some individuals will go to in order to attempt to associate you with something that you have nothing to do with.

Now, just a couple of days ago, we read wild conspiratorial stories about how the Twitter user, Bitfinex’ed is allegedly a CFTC operative that is secretly posting undercover in order to stop Bitfinex because…it’s all part of some global conspiracy. [Yeah, this shit’s getting that stupid and crazy]

For some reason, rather than actually addressing the claims that were made in the articles written by Bitfinexed, myself and many others — the anonymous author (ironic, right?) has decided to ‘dox’ any and all opponents of Whalepool and Bitfinex specifically.

Before, we go ahead and debunk yet another article (this is getting fun) — let’s ask a few questions of this individual first, shall we?

Questions For ThinkExclamation!

  1. If you are not associated with Whalepool or Bitfinex, why are all of your articles in stark defense of them and their brand despite claiming that you have no allegiance or affiliation with them.
  2. If your goal is to dismiss and address the ‘FUD’ in the community, why are you writing articles that have absolutely nothing to do with the ‘FUD’ that you claim to be dispelling? The fact of the matter is that my identity could be Adolf Hitler, that does not make my claims any more or less true. I could have the a short position of one million dollars on Bitcoin, and that does not necessarily make my viewpoint or the things that I have written false.
  3. Why have you not presented us with any evidence of this alleged “cryptomafia” that you are uncovering?

And the final question (this is a good one), why are you not attacking the New York Times, Bloomberg, CNBC, or the University of Texas? All of those publications have written scathing articles about Tether and Bitfinex.

In fact, when judging from some of the titles of these pieces, they are actually orders of magnitude worse than anything that myself or anyone else has written about the Bitfinex exchange:

  1. Check out this New York Times piece:
  2. Check out this Bloomberg piece:
  3. Check out this CNBC piece:
  4. And of course, we can’t forget an entire research paper that was published by the University of Texas on Tether:

For those that aren’t a fan of clicking on links, don’t worry — I’ll help you out by explaining what is in each of these titles:

  1. In the New York Times post, they call into question Bitcoin’s entire rise in the cryptosphere and attribute it to manipulation done solely by Tether (which we know to be a co-company under iFinex). This is a pretty charged claim that the New York Times published about Tether. Why would they post such ‘FUD’? Are they in cahoots with us?
  2. In the Bloomberg piece, they reveal that internal sources have divulged to them that Bitfinex and Tether are both under investigation by two different federal agencies in the United States. I mean, if that’s not ‘FUD’, then I’m not sure what else would qualify. Surely, the author of these articles would want to focus their sites on these journalists, right? The author’s name is clearly printed for everyone to see. Perhaps they did not see the article. So, hopefully me posting this here will assist them in that endeavor.
  3. In the CNBC piece, they all but asserted that Tether is the biggest existential risk to the cryptocurrency sphere. Again, neither Bitfinexed nor I wrote that article. This was the work of a journalist that works for CNBC and, assuredly, tens of thousands of individuals read and saw that article.
  4. Of course, we cannot forget the University of Texas research paper that was published earlier this year in which researchers from the university publicly posted research asserting that Tether alone was responsible for a fraudulent manipulation in Bitcoin’s price. Again, this is a piece that I did not write.

So, what’s the real motivation behind these so-called ‘exposures’? Is this really the work of some lone vigilante that’s ‘so passionate’ about crypto? Or does this seem like the work of some sort of entity with a (clear and obvious) vested interest in Bitfinex, Whalepool, and Tether’s fate whom wants to enact some sort of weird ‘revenge’ on people in the crypto space in order to discredit anyone that is shining a light on the true problems of iFinex and dissuade any others from attempting to do so as well?

I’m going to go with the latter.

Also, why would this individual only go after people whom they feel are spreading ‘FUD’ about Bitfinex and Whalepool solely? There are plenty of other exchanges, entities, and projects for which there is plenty of ‘FUD’ being spread about them.

Thank You Readers For Your Support

This is the type of support you receive when you’re an established member of the community, rather than a random account that has never posted on any other topic other than alleged ‘FUDmongers’ in the cryptocurrency space.

Now, let’s get to the source of Whalepool’s continued attacks on various members of the cryptocommunity.

Analyzing the Deranged Nature of These Posts

Check out an actual excerpt from this individual here:

Okay, James Bond. Sure.

This sounds more like a desperate obsession rather than any ‘noble’ crusade. And, quite frankly, at this point, it’s getting a little bit weird and creepy.

For that reason, I’ve notified the Federal Bureau of Investigation in the United States about these repeated attempts to try to stalk me and find out my personal address and location. Unfortunately, there are loonies on the internet that become obsessed with certain public figures and they make it their life goal to stalk them until they finally find them.

This has happened numerous times in pop culture:

Jennifer Lawrence’s alledged stalker is declared a danger by judge

A man accused of stalking Jennifer Lawrence and her brother has had his application for bail rejected. Han Cong Zhao , 23, the alleged stalker of Jennifer Lawrence, 23, and her brother Blaine, will now be held without bail for the duration of his criminal trial after a judge declared him a ‘danger.’

Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake and 8 More Stars With Crazy Stalker Stories – Life & Style

Welcome to the world of celebrity stalkers – and it ain’t pretty. Read up on the crazy people who have repeatedly tried to get close to some of today’s biggest names, and – in terrible cases – harmed them and others. Spoiler alert: Every single one of these stories is hands down frightening.

Jennifer Lawrence’s alledged stalker is declared a danger by judge

A man accused of stalking Jennifer Lawrence and her brother has had his application for bail rejected. Han Cong Zhao , 23, the alleged stalker of Jennifer Lawrence, 23, and her brother Blaine, will now be held without bail for the duration of his criminal trial after a judge declared him a ‘danger.’

There are dozens more stories, but…you get the point. For some reason, people snap, lose their mind and decide that they’re going to make it their life’s mission to stalk you.

Now, I do not think that this person poses a harm or a risk to the greater crypto community, but I have notified federal authorities just in case.

Weird Statements About Whalepool

Now, I’m not sure if this individual simply failed to proofread this article or what…but it looks like they slipped up here:

This lunatic claims to be a disparate entity from Whalepool, yet asserts that they are working with Whalepool to perform an internal investigation in Whalepool’s community.


To be entirely honest, if this individual isn’t associated with Whalepool, that makes their presence even more worrisome and perhaps even more indicative of the fact that this individual is probably suffering from one hell of a mental disorder currently.

Deranged Demands From Lunatic Stalker

This demand is ironic considering the fact that the person that’s posting these articles is 100% anonymous.

There is no reference to a larger account, back story behind the creation of this account, and we certainly do not have an identifiable, human-recognizable name or picture for the person behind this account.

Yet, they feel they should be making lofty demands for the crypto community to ‘dox’ themselves.

To Briefly Address These Demands

As the person insisted, I won’t.

I am my own person, and I don’t acquiesce to demands. If the video provided wasn’t enough, nothing will ever be. The goalposts will forever be moved.

Eventually we’ll get to the point where this lunatic is demanding individuals should livestream themselves for 48 hours straight to prove that they are who they truly say they are.

And why should we?

This space was created by an anonymous individual named Satoshi Nakamoto. So, at this point, the deranged demands are becoming ridiculous.

Addressing the Rest of the Bunk Article (Again)

I hate doing this — only because I really do not want to make this situation about me, per se, but rather this disturbing trend of behavior.

But first, I have to make it clear that this person is not a researcher and they aren’t ‘exposing’ anything.

Let’s check out some of the alleged information that they have uncovered about me:

I won’t post the second portion of that screenshot because I don’t want to ‘dox’ that innocent individual — but there’s an e-mail address that reads (

Now, I’m not sure who owns that e-mail — but it’s obviously not mine.

Also …

I Do Not Own the Domain CryptoMedication.Org


The Vast Majority of These Other Pictures Are Entirely Fake

Can’t find this anywhere on the internet ^

This is just comedy at this point ^ .

Other Outrageous Claims

  1. I’m a dwarf (what the fuck?)
  2. “ +1.4107336830 was James Edwards” <- Don’t own that number, never have.
  3. is the email address of James Edwards”. Laughably wrong. Like, laughably wrong.
  4. “James Edwards AKA ProofOfResearch/CryptoMedicated goes by the alias Jamesthebang” — Again, no. Where is that even pulled from?
  5. **_“James Edwards AKA ProofOfResearch/CryptoMedicated is a racist” — _**This is where its starting to get mind numbingly stupid.
  6. “James Edwards AKA ProofOfResearch/CryptoMedicated is an African American who has the condition “dwarfism” (midget)” — This may be the dumbest shit I think I’ve ever read in my entire life.
  7. **_“James Edwards AKA ProofOfResearch/CryptoMedicated has scammed people through the “Thou Art Clothing” brand;” — _**Apparently, I went from scamming people out of clothing to being the top writer in cryptocurrency. That’s one hell of a turnaround.

Lunatic Losing Their Minds

That e-mail says “” <- They pointed out a screenshot from an alleged domain I own that says “.org”.

I never registered a .org or used a .org address either.

Again, I do not even own that domain.

Bobby Fisher isn’t an alias — he’s a chess player. It’s called a metaph…Oh, nevermind lol.

This is possibly the most comical:

This looks like a shell account that they literally created for the purpose of this article. Again, deranged.

Again, I do not own (the web address they claim to be attached to me personally). Not sure how many times to say that.

Responding to this would be redundant.

Then there’s this:

I don’t even know what the hell this is ^

Again, I’m not this individual and I made a joke above ^ Hence, the crying faces.

Also, there are literally 3–5 different Pete Mercury accounts on Twitter.


Peter Mercury (@MercuryPeter) | Twitter
_The latest Tweets from Peter Mercury (@MercuryPeter)

Peter Niklaus (@mercury_peter) | Twitter
_The latest Tweets from Peter Niklaus (@mercury_peter)

Perhaps I am one of those people above ^.

Or maybe, it was a generic John Doe name.

I also don’t have a phone number ending in 96 (I use 2FA on all accounts).

Also, Twitter doesn’t even show an interface screen like that.

Here’s what you’ll get if you request to reset your password:

Here We Get Into the Photoshop Extravaganza

Again, I have 2FA and I don’t own any e-mail called “” , “” , or “”

If those exist — then its probably because someone created them to attempt to make this a real argument.

Also, I don’t see any information for a web domain called ‘



This person is out of their minds and they probably care about this a lot more than you or I ever will.

This is the last time that I’m going to entertain this. I’ve already spoken my piece and contacted the federal authorities to investigate this individual, because I think they’re mentally unstable and I fear for the person that they are ‘doxxing’.



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