Whalepool and Bitfinex Are Now Violating Federal Laws to ‘Dox’ Members of the Crypto Community: It’s Getting Out of Hand Now




Today’s article comes out in response to another new low in the crypto community, ushered in by none other than Whalepool and their parent company, Bitfinex.

Lately, they’ve taken to ‘doxxing’ individuals in order to silence them.

These articles have been published under an anonymous pseudonym (how brave), called ‘ThinkExclamation’.

If you’re wondering who is behind that account? Look no further than Whalepool (more information provided below).

Originally, they were posted on Medium but of course since these articles actually violate the terms of service there (i.e., I don’t believe they condone the violation of federal laws), they were quickly stripped down.

For those that do not know me, I am the individual that originally published that Medium article that questioned Bitfinex’s solvency.

CoinDesk actually covered this saga a couple of weeks ago (my name – ProofofResearch is included).

Crypto Exchange Bitfinex Denies Accusations of Insolvency – CoinDesk

Hong Kong-based crypto exchange Bitfinex has hit back against claims it is insolvent and disclosed wallet addresses appearing to show it holds over $1.5 billion in crypto assets. The company, which shares management with Tether, the venture behind the U.S dollar-pegged crypto USDT, stated in a blog post on Sunday that it is not insolvent, and “a constant stream of Medium articles claiming otherwise is not going to change this.”

Now, I can’t speak for Bitfinexed — I’m not sure what his identity is, who he is, and I have no interest in attempting to find that information out, because it is none of my business.

However, I can speak for myself and tell you all exactly who I am and confirm that every single detail posted about me is one big fabricated lie.

Let’s start with article one written by Whalepool, shall we?

How is Whalepool Connected to This?

That’s a great question and one that I will answer in full.

The first source that we will use to tie Whalepool (indisputably) to this work can be found here:

Organized FUD – How The “FUD Mafia” Is Plaguing This Industry (Part 1) – Steemit

Disclaimer: I’m not for sale. I don’t take on services and I don’t take on personal requests. I don’t accept payments nor donations. I’m not a shill, and I will speak my mind. Opinions are my own, and I will not reply to comments.

‘Now hang on, Proofofresearch, I see an article here, but where’s your proof that Whalepool was behind this?’

That’s a great question.

I know that Whalepool was behind this post because they were the initial ones to ‘break’ the story on Twitter.

Check out the link below (archived, because they love to delete tweets):

Whalepool on Twitter: “The biggest lying FUDster against Bitfinex, Te…

The biggest lying FUDster against Bitfinex, Tether, Binance, etc. is exposed: “How the FUD Mafia is plaguing this industry” https:// medium.com/@ThinkExclamat ion/organized-fud-how-the-fud-mafia-is-plaguing-this-industry-part-1-d71ebe49b75f … Lots of interesting research about the people behind fakenews and FUD against crypto exchanges

They listed the title of this article up under, ‘The biggest lying FUDster against Bitfinex…’

More or less they asserted themselves as the curators of this ‘research’. No one would ever be able to find another post that’s older than this one that references the article, and Whalepool has yet to deny that they were the curators of this content.

Why Would They Put Out Content Like This?

The reason that they are putting out this information against me and a lot of other members of the crypto community is simple:

We questioned Bitfinex’s operations.

This is our ‘punishment’ for a series of articles and (legitimate) research that we have posted that seriously calls everything that Bitfinex is doing into question.

We are the individuals that have connected Tether and Bitfinex together (before there was a release from the Paradise papers), exposed some of the shell bank accounts that they are using, and brought the unsettling news of Noble Bank’s insolvency to the forefront.

So, naturally, the best response from Whalepool (a Bitfinex owned entity) was to attempt to ‘expose’ me and show that I am nothing but a lying FUDster that is simply trying to gain attention in this space and profit off of their misfortune.

Wait, How Do We Know Whalepool is Tied With Bitfinex?

Great question.

Check out this (archived) tweet here:

Whalepool on Twitter: “FD: Yes we are a Bitfinex affiliate and many o…

FD: Yes we are a Bitfinex affiliate and many of our community members are shareholders. We were the first to call for audits and pressured them to be transparent, which led to the Friedman LLP engagement. After more pressure, they released memo until the full audit is complete


So, we’ve established that these series of ‘exposer’ articles are connected to Whalepool indubitably, and also that Whalepool is irrefutably connected to Bitfinex (which makes sense, since their biggest qualm is ‘FUD’ posted against Bitfinex) — the only thing left to do at this point is to assess the validity of their claims.

Is the First Article They Posted About You, True?

No. Absolutely Not.

For reference, let’s bring this article back up to the forefront:

Organized FUD – How The “FUD Mafia” Is Plaguing This Industry (Part 1) – Steemit

Disclaimer: I’m not for sale. I don’t take on services and I don’t take on personal requests. I don’t accept payments nor donations. I’m not a shill, and I will speak my mind. Opinions are my own, and I will not reply to comments.

As you can see above ^ , the article is called ‘Organized FUD — How the “FUD Mafia” is Plaguing This Industry (Part 1)’

Let’s see what they say about me in there.

Here’s their opening sentence:

“ Disclaimer: I’m not for sale. I don’t take on services and I don’t take on personal requests. I don’t accept payments nor donations. I’m not a shill, and I will speak my mind. Opinions are my own, and I will not reply to comments. I’m here to expose the truth, what’s behind the organized “crypto-mafia” tasked to disrupt what the crypto-community is building.”

  • I’ve never heard of this person before, and they have no other traceable work in this space — so, the disclaimer that they aren’t for sale is a bit interesting when considering that there is probably zero demand for their services.
  • They also say, “I’m here to expose the truth, what’s behind the organized ‘crypto-mafia’ tasked to disrupt what the crypto-community is building.”

That last statement is really interesting, because apparently I am part of a ‘FUD Mafia’ that is ‘tasked’ with trying to ‘disrupt’ what the community is diligently building.

I’m sort of curious to here who these taskmasters are that I have that are giving me the assignments to spread ‘FUD’ around the cryptosphere, but it sure does sound compelling at this point.

Let’s fast forward to their first point about ‘me’:

The first paragraph is a bit confusing because, from what this person says, we should be on the same page.

They acknowledge that I put up an article that actually showed dozens of individuals failing to receive their money from Bitfinex for over a month and that this, among many other things, had led me to conclude that Bitfinex may not actually be solvent (businesses that cannot meet their obligations / do not have legitimate banking are considered, by definition, to be insolvent).

This individual even states that they “despise centralized exchanges” and “so-called ‘stablecoins’” too. Yet, despite them allegedly despising the very fundamental underpinning of what Bitfinex is as an entity, it seems that they are more interesting in attempting to attack and “expose” me.

Let’s see why.

So, apparently I’m a ‘FUD machine’. I’m not sure what that means necessarily, but I’m assuming that the rest of this individual’s article will eloquently map this out.

Now, let’s scroll down to the juiciest content that really exposes me down to my core roots and shows everyone that I’m truly a scamming fraud that’s been maliciously targeting helpless millionaires because I’m nothing but pure evil.

These are pretty serious allegations! And ones that should be addressed. I mean, after all, if you knew that there was someone roaming around this space that committed crimes such as these, you’d want to be aware and informed, right?

So, let’s check out the first article they cited (briefly, and you’ll see why) below:

CryptoMedicated | James Edwards and Chayleh Tracey FRAUD EXPOSED | PICTURE PROOF – Steemit

What people don’t know is James’s previous EXIT SCAMS, he’s racist, buying followers/likes and retweets on his twitter accounts (Yes more then one) using “Chayleh Tracey” as either another pseudonym or an actual person for some dirty work, criminal record for threatening to kill and stalking his ex-girlfriend and getting fired for plagiarism, ties to child pornography and is a registered sex offender.

Why This Article Above is False

In the above article, it is claimed that I am an individual named James Edwards (individuals have made this claim over and over and over again) and that I have scammed and robbed everyone I’ve ever been in contact with in this crypto space.

I’m going to go ahead and save you all the trouble and just post this video below that displays my identity:

Proof of Identity

Check out this video on Streamable using your phone, tablet or desktop.

As you can see in the video above, I’m not James Edwards.

That is me in that black shirt and my name is Josh Gordon. On the (burner) laptop behind me, I’m also logged into my Twitter account.

I’ve posted up this video before on both my Twitter and my Telegram. But, I guess somehow, this really great researcher failed to notice that in their research.

Thus, since I am not James Edwards — that entire article is debunked from top to bottom.

Let’s check out link #2:

View at Medium.com

View at Medium.com

View at Medium.com

This is what Spectre.AI posted up as a threat to another writer on one of my former Medium publications when they were convinced that individual was me.

Again, they cited the same article that I had just debunked above. I do not live in Baltimore and my name is not James Edwards (as I have pointed out multiple times).

Let’s check out link #3:

Maryland Sex Offender Registry Search

The Criminal Procedure Article, § 11-717, Annotated Code of Maryland states that, “The Department shall post on the internet…in plain language that can be understood without special knowledge of the criminal laws of the State, a factual description of the crime of the offender that is the basis for registration, excluding details that would identify the victim.”

Again, this individual is not me (and this person isn’t even the same as the first individual they claimed that I was).

In fact, it says that this individual is currently incarcerated, so it seems like it would be a little hard for me to be posting up FUD while locked up behind bars at the same time, right?

Let’s check out link #4:

Team Spectre on Twitter

@truechaingroup Also hit by @CryptoMedicated ‘s open scams. See their story here https://t.co/EZW716mNnZ

Again, the project lead of SpectreAI, ranting and raving about allegedly being scammed by someone in the space. Their Medium account was banned and the Medium link they put up that allegedly possesses evidence of me defrauding individuals in the space has since been removed.

Guess that shrinks us down to one link left.

Perhaps this link will finally contain the information needed to expose me as the scammer and fraud that I am!

Let’s check out link #5:

Team Spectre on Twitter

Crypto Scammer @CryptoMedicated on the loose! We heard @Bancor and @truechaingroup and others targeted. All other projects be warned, read our story about how he tried to scam us here using @medium using verbal and physical threats: https://t.co/Rf8RVGZpiI and spread the word.

Again, the Medium page associated with this link has actually been suspended. So, we can’t view the detailed ‘evidence’ of me defrauding these projects in the space (oh, darn; noticing a theme here?).

Where’s the Research?

So, as you can see above, it’s hard to imagine that this article consisted of any research.

None of the alleged ‘sources’ that they cited had working links or any verifiable evidence that I’ve done anything to anyone.

In fact, the first source (which appears to be the basis that all others have used to attempt to slander me), completely ascribed an entirely wrong and different identity to my person. I’ve since debunked this myth thoroughly and in-public a number of times, but I guess that somehow ‘slipped through’ the research radars of this brilliant, anonymous journalist with no prior work before going on a mission to expose the ‘FUD mafia’ (which we still don’t have an explanation/definition for).

Checking Out the Rest of the Alleged ‘Evidence’

What is written above is 100% accurate.

What’s confusing though is that this author is posting screenshots and diagrams on the page as if I’ve hidden this information from people.

My Telegram channel is called ‘cryptomedication’ (here’s the link: t.me/MerkleTrader )

My Twitter profile is named ‘CryptoMedication’ (here’s the link: twitter.com/proofofresearch)

I literally have the name ‘cryptomedication’ all over the place and my Twitter profile also makes it clear that I am the editor of Zerononcense.

In fact, when I post on Zerononcense, I do it under the profile name ‘ProofofResearch’.

So, none of this is obfuscated information. In fact, its my goal to make sure that people know that these entities are all one in the same and attached so that they’re able to follow my content more easily.

Whalepool Attempts to Dox Me Directly Once Again

Here’s another excerpt found just below:

Again, as I’ve noted multiple times throughout this article — I am not this individual.

I even posted a video to show that, I am not this individual.

I’ll go ahead and post that here again, just to make it painfully clear that I am not this individual and my name is NOT James Edwards. I am Josh Gordon.

For some reason, this ‘researcher’ has resorted to relying on anonymous sources from shell accounts on Medium comments to corroborate their ‘research’.

See below:

Blowing Out the Last Assertions About Me in the Article

In the article, this is stated as well:

This is a lot to read, and if you feel like you lost a couple brain cells attempting to do so — don’t worry. You’re not the only one.

Let’s look at the first statement,

“ James Edwards is ProofOfResearch AKA CryptoMedication AKA CryptoMedicated AKA Josh Gordon AKA Peter Mercury AKA Bobby Fisher AKA JamesTheBang AKA Randomshortdude”

I’m not James Edwards, Bobby Fisher (the chess player??), or Jamesthebang.

Cryptomedicated is what I use when websites didn’t allow me to type in ‘Cryptomedication’ in full as a username and ProofofResearch is my new Twitter handle.

Randomshortdude is the name of my Reddit account.

This information is located directly on my website at the bottom ^^ https://zerononcense.com .

Again, there is nothing secret about what accounts I hold and who I am and I’ve never attempted to make it so.

If we take into account previous research on different links mentioned throughout this article, it’s quite possible that James Edwards could’ve manipulated sentiment and narrative of an event that doesn’t have a consistent fundament to it, since he is known to manipulate social media with fraudulent results, as proven on this article: https://steemit.com/bitcoin/@exposer/cryptomedicated-or-james-edwards-and-chayleh-tracey-fraud-exposed-or-picture-proof

Again, I’m not James Edwards.

I know I’ve stated that a lot, but I want to really drill that into the ground throughout this article because this is a claim that people continually make whether it makes sense or not.

I’ve never at any point stated that I was ‘James Edwards’, there’s never been an individual named James Edwards that has popped up somewhere claiming that they are me or that they own my account(s), are affiliated with me or represent my brand in any way, shape or form and, quite frankly, it’s a bit confusing trying to understand where this individual was even dug up from.

This was perhaps the funniest part of the article, because the person they pointed out is actually real.

Check out some messages that they sent me that same day:

Talk about awkward.

I’m not sure if that was bad luck on their behalf or not, but this individual is more than real and they own the account that I allegedly ‘purchased’ in order to boost my ‘likes’.

So, I guess we can now conclude that even that’s a lie.

Main Takeaway Points

Okay, now that we’ve gotten all the hit piece stuff (yes, I know there are three more ‘expose’ articles; yes, those are bullshit too) out of the way, we can finally get to the crux of what the issue is here.

“Doxxing” People is Against the Federal Law

This is something that’s been clearly established by the FBI (yup, I contacted them!) and the DOJ. This, and ‘swatting’ people (sending in a fake threat to have the swat team raid their house), is extremely illegal on every level imaginable.

There’s nothing ethical about it and it takes things entirely too far. It’s disgusting and in poor taste.

It also undermines one’s argument that they are doing everything ‘legally’ and above board if they’re posting articles where they admit to breaking the law federally.

What’s even more sad and concerning about this, however, is the fact that the community is beginning to normalize this type of behavior.

Below, you can see a screenshot from Peter Todd posting alleged information that was ‘doxxed’ about Bitfinexed.

Obviously, the pseudo-neutral stance in his post hardly exempts the heinousness of the action.

Defaming and slandering another individual in the community simply because they are scrutinizing projects and organizations in this space is pretty inexcusable. And the fact that the crypto community is embracing this behavior is fairly barbaric.

Not only that, it’s extremely illegal and it is a crime that people get prosecuted for. In some cases, its considered to be a terrorist threat. This also applies to people that are “only sharing” the ‘doxxed’ information.

Arguing that you didn’t write it, thus you’re innocent is sort of like arguing that you didn’t make the child porn that you’re sharing, so you obviously are innocent of any wrongdoing.


If you spread something illegal, you’re also culpable at that point.

The Information is Inaccurate

On top of everything else, the information that was presented in the alleged ‘dox’ of myself, was wholly inaccurate.

They tried to cite sources that had dead/suspended articles or that cited the same debunked article (article #1), then they continually tried to assert that I am someone that I’ve demonstrably shown that I am not.

The reason for the article was vain and obvious. I’m clearly reporting on some troubling things going on with the Bitfinex exchange and, rather than actually responding with any information of merit or truly engaging the community in a broader discussion that engenders trust, they’ve decided to instead lash out at any and all individuals through shell accounts and subsidiaries and pin heinous, unsubstantiated crimes on them in an attempt to clear their own names.

And if that doesn’t look SUPER guilty, I’m not really sure what does.

We Never Heard About the FUD Mafia

For some reason, this article did not cover the alleged ‘FUD mafia’ that I am supposed to be apart of.

They did not explain how or why I am ‘tasked’ with the responsibility of writing these articles. I was actually interested to dig into this theory, because it’s definitely a unique one to all other accusations that have been leveled against me in crypto so far.

There’s Conflicting Information Included Within As Well

There’s the first and most obvious contradiction in the article where the author states that they ‘despise centralized exchanges’ and ‘stablecoins’, yet is willing to go so far as to break federal law in order to assassinate the character of any and all those that dare question the solvency of Bitfinex.

This confuses me and it should confuse any other reader as well.

This is Usual Behavior for Whalepool

Below are all the instances where they’ve slandered various members of the community:

1.) Here is a tweet that Whalepool put out, lambasting a reputable and well-known journalist by tweeting that, “Journalists are idiots that pretend to be experts” in response to someone questioning Tether: http://archive.li/rVe8r

2.) Another one of the (numerous) attacks that they have mounted against Bitfinexed: http://archive.li/ZTTVv

3.) Hit piece that was released on Kazonomics (surprise, they attempted to ‘doxx’ him too and call him a criminal, deadbeat): https://archive.is/hAXeL

So, unsurprisingly, it appears that the articles that have been written against myself and Bitfinexed are simply par for the course for Whalepool.

Their strategy seems to be to ‘seek and destroy’ the character of any and all individuals that dare question their operation.

Perhaps it does to you, but not to me.

Breaking federal laws, attacking any and all journalists and reporters that put up something that is not perceived favorably by your brand, and even going so far as to attempt to “doxx” someone and then having the audacity to release that ‘doxx’ as if the act of doing so is not grossly illegal, shows a level of reckless disregard and callousness that calls into question the leadership and general ethics of Whalepool and, of course, Bitfinex.


I’m more than certain that some people will read this article and simply not care. Or some people will read this article and applaud Whalepool/Bitfinexed.

However, there will also more than likely be individuals that read this article and see it for what it is:

A disgusting, nasty trend in this space that’s going to end up in some people being prosecuted in a federal courthouse.

This behavior just begs the question of ‘what’s next’?

Today people are attempting to ‘dox’ us and slander our names. Tomorrow, will their be an attempt on our lives? Will there be more threats issued toward us? What message does this send to the greater crypto community if we allow this behavior wordlessly? Is this truly the environment that we wish to create here?

Are we this angered by ‘FUD’?

And is it worth stifling the freedom of speech that other individuals have? Should someone’s negative opinion of a business or a cryptocurrency (inanimate, inhuman concepts and technology), give others in this space the right to attempt to destroy that person’s life and credibility?

Perhaps you think it should. I don’t though because I know that this is just a slippery slope.

Today, I’m the victim of this illegal activity — but tomorrow, it could be you.