Controversy Always Seems to Follow Charles Hoskinson: A Tale of Arrogance, Greed, Dishonesty, and Incompetence

Charles Hoskinson is a figure that most know in the crypto community. And, after all, why shouldn’t they?

He was one of the co-founders of Ethereum and, after being unceremoniously fired from that protocol, he stumbled onto Ethereum Classic, where he was once again ostracized from that community as well.

Always one to outdo himself, Charles spent a brief time on $LSK, before again leaving that project to finally work ‘full-time’ (IOHK resources are still invested in a competitor, $ETC among others), on Cardano. However, even on a project where he is the lead developer, Charles still cannot seem to stay out of controversy in the crypto community.

Why is Everyone Against Charles Hoskinson?

Charles is one of many that have asked this question repeatedly in the public sphere.

Perhaps it stems from the bullying of female reporters:


Or consistent ‘rage quits’ off of the entire social network when he feels that he has been victimized too frequently:

Charles Hoskinson on Twitter

(1/2) Well it appears a meaningful part of the Twitter mob apparently cannot understand my point and are in instashame mode. Some of the ethereum crowd are even digging up my time at ethereum claiming I did nothing or was just a promoter. This is what Twitter has become

Or for outlandish displays of arrogance such as this one:


And then following up with a threat to the team for not dropping everything to answer Your Highness:

Charles Hoskinson on Twitter

@bitcoinbella_ @metamask_io We’ll be sure to return the favor if they ever have any questions about daedalus, zencash, ethereum classic, cardano, or the other projects we are working on

That is to such an extent that other community members must call him out:


Of course, we’d be remiss if we didn’t draw things back to the beginning — following Charles’ unceremonious firing from Ethereum, when he started to publicly feud with Vitalik Buterin.

The Public ‘Beef’ Between Charles Hoskinson and Vitalik Buterin

This is a link to a public announcement in which Charles Hoskinson more or less stated that he was going to publicly shred the Casper idea because…well, why not? It’s Charles Hoskinson:

Charles Hoskinson drops message for Vitalik Buterin amidst upcoming Cardano updates

Charles Hoskinson, the founder and CEO of Cardano (ADA) has come with a series of updates for Cardano followers. Excited at the upcoming launches, Hoskinson said that the company is coming up with its versions of 1.3 and 1.4. Shelly and Prometheus are also around the corner.

Of course, the feud could never stop there — Charles Hoskinson had to ensure that his public war with Vitalik would continue to escalate, even when he repeatedly claimed that he had no bad blood with the former Ethereum co-founder.

Charles Hoskinson posts a ‘rebuttal’ to Vitalik Buterin, Ethereum co-founder calls it ‘pathetic’

Not just the cryptos, the crypto founders are fighting too to win the crypto race. A few days back, crypto titans – Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin and Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson got into fight over their competing technologies. The debate started on Reddit and continued on Twitter.

However, even after calling an alleged truce with the former Ethereum co-founder, that did not stop Charles Hoskinson from once again taking off his gloves to attack Vitalik’s credibility…again.

In fact, even Charles admits that part of his desire to work on the Ethereum Classic project and grant it support was to seek vengeance on Vitalik Buterin after being fired.

Of course, this underlies reports about the real reason that Charles Hoskinson was fired from Ethereum (entirely):




Of course, Charles never relents on an opportunity to play the victim whenever being called out for some of his nefarious activities and deeds:

Apparently these guys, (whom have worked with Charles) aren’t buying it:





I guess this would be an appropriate segway to Ethereum Classic, right?

Charles Hoskinson and his Disaster at Ethereum Classic

This is probably one of the premier articles noting Charles Hoskinson’s escapades in the crypto sphere during the time that he was launching Cardano:

More or less this article outlines how:

  1. Charles Hoskinson was fired from Ethereum
  2. Then he stumbled into Ethereum Classic.
  3. He then received some amount of funding from DCG (Barry Silbert’s group), and also leveraged the money he made through the $ADA ICO from the Japanese investors that he scammed in order to try to push his own agenda and objectives on the chain.
  4. This didn’t end up working out for him and one of his proposals ended up getting leaked, which forced him to issue a public apology to everyone in the Ethereum Classic community.
  5. He was forced, yet again, to diminish his presence in yet another community where he stepped on a lot of toes and overstepped his bounds.

Here are all the sources to corroborate that information:


詐欺仮想通貨というのが流行っていますが、慎重に物事を読み取る力があれば詐欺か詐欺でないかはわかるはず! 今回は話題のCARDANO(カルダノラボ)を例に詐欺コインの見分けかたを学んでいきましょう。 CARDANOの公式ホームページの文章を一つ一つ検証していきます 重くて仕方がないですが順番に見ていきます。 CARDANOエコシステムについて …

IOHK Launches Cardano Blockchain; Ada Now Trading on Bittrex

So far, Ethereum has been the lead player in the smart contract platform space. Now a new competitor is steadily creeping into the game. And, in an interesting twist, the effort is being led by a former Ethereum CEO.Last week, blockchain development firm IOHK, led by Charles Hoskinson, launched Cardano, a new …

View story at


Ethereum Classic For Investors #11 – 2017 Q1 Update With Former Ethereum Co-Founder, Charles Hoskinson

Tai Zen and I had an opportunity to speak to former Ethereum Co-Founder, Charles Hoskinson about Ethereum Classic (ETC) off the record last Friday. Much of it was encouraging and makes us feel confident about holding our ETC position because there is a real community and development behind it.


Charles also spend a significant portion of his day to responding to random threads about himself as well. Often leveling childish insults and attacks against his opponents:

r/Lisk – Remember Charles Hoskinson also quit Ethereum…

r/Lisk: Lisk enables JavaScript developers to deploy their own sidechain and develop blockchain applications on top of it.

Charles Hoskinson Does Not Have Good Rapport With ANY of His Former Business Associates

He seems to have problems with all former business associates as well, blasting individuals such as Daniel Larimer, despite the fact that he worked with Daniel Larimer on Bitshares back in 2013 before eventually being ousted from that project as well.

Here are some screenshots where we can see Charles Hoskinson (yet again) actively engaged in beef with another notable and well-respected figure in this space:



Here’s a pretty thorough write-up on how this beef began. Note the presence of two notable names (Xiaolai Li and Bo Shen (Vitalik’s primary investor))



Of Course, As Usual — Charles Hoskinson is an Asshole When He Loses

However, in recent times, he’s noted his lack of concern for the beef with Daniel Larimer due to the fact that “being a billionaire helps hard feelings fade”



Controversy Over Lisk as Well

Here is the resignation letter by Charles Hoskinson announcing his departure from Lisk as well (this makes 3/4 projects he has left):

Some Thoughts on Lisk

Lisk has been a fairly controversial and frustrating cryptocurrency project since its inception. I wasn’t involved in the Crypti community nor had met Max and Oliver prior to signing on as an advisor shortly after they had just finished their crowdsale.


Given all of the controversy, turmoil, fights with other notable figures in crypto, shady ties to Chinese investors, stagnation on Cardano, as well as the gloating on social media of his vast wealth, it’s no surprise that the Cardano protocol has suffered greatly as a result.

It turns out that being a self-centered asshole that thinks he’s God’s gift to mankind and cryptocurrency doesn’t really help with making friends.



P.S. — This is what a hit piece looks like, Charles. Watch your mouth next time when you speak about journalism and learn how to develop next time you pear-shaped bitch.




  1. He’s arrogant. But god damn he’s a genius. This is equivalent to an article coming out in 2008 criticizing Steve Jobs of being rude to his employees. Yes they are both dicks, but does it matter in the grand scheme of what they are doing? No. It does not. And this article will sooner or later seem as dumb as those articles in the late 2000’s.

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