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$ZRX Coinbase Addition Rumor Confirmed

In recent days, there has been a ‘rumor’ going around the crypto community that there is some parts of the Coinbase (exchange) interface that shows $ZRX information.

The original source (as far as the author knows) comes from this Reddit post here:

As one can see in the screenshot above, there appears to be an entry for ‘ZRX Wallet’ in the screenshot.

Why is This Significant?

For those that don’t know, before a crypto exchange adds a new coin to their platform, they typically will test out integrations with the wallet and see how the coin works with other parts of their site to ensure a smooth investment process for their customers.

For instance, before $ETC (Ethereum Classic) was added to the platform, users were able to detect additions in the Coinbase API that were not previously there.

Ethereum Classic (ETC): The Cryptocurrency They Don’t Want You To Buy Yet – Crypto Daily™

_Ethereum Classic (ETC) currently ranks as the top coin in terms of algorithm score, top 10 in terms of daily trade…_cryptodaily.co.uk

Above is a source attesting to this fact.


Given the facts stated above, $ZRX investors were notably exuberant about the possibility of an impending addition to Coinbase.

Known as the most accessible crypto investment platform for customers in the United States, a country that produces a massive amount of volume and interest in cryptocurrency, $ZRX’s potential addition to Coinbase is something that is seen as a major potential boost to the price of $ZRX.

Doubt in the Community

However, some of this exuberance in the community was tempered by doubt from others over whether the reported screenshots were real or not.

And for good reason.

In the past, different individuals and entities in the community have fabricated screenshots that show what appear to be additions into the crypto API itself.

Also, screenshots are relatively easy to doctor in 2018.

Proof of Authenticity

No, not the consensus algorithm.

The author, upon verifying the claims independently, decided to capture a video showing the “$ZRX Wallet” entry on the ‘tax information’ portion of the Coinbase (not Coinbase Pro) website.

See for yourself below:

Currently, the price of $ZRX is trading +16% on the day.


For those that are wondering what potential impact, if any, that this could have on the price action of $ZRX moving forward from this point, then make sure that you join —

Telegram = t.me/MerkleTrader

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