The Malfeasance of Ari David Paul

The Malfeasance of Ari David Paul

Perhaps one of the most (in)famous members of a renown group of individuals in the Twitter sphere that refer to themselves as ‘Crypto Twitter’, Ari David Paul has manged to put himself under the scope of widely hailed criticism once again.

For what this time, you ask?

Great question.

‘99.73 Percent’ Loss: Ari Paul’s $1 Million Bitcoin Price Bet Looks Doomed –

_Cryptoasset investment firm BlockTower CEO Ari Paul has lost 99.73 percent of his $1 million Bitcoin price bet as the…

Yes, you read that headline correctly.

According to the story by the Bitcoinist,

“ The eye-watering figure surfaced on social media September 27. Paul, who on December 21, 2017, purchased Bitcoin options on LedgerX for $3600 each, currently faces receiving around $10 when the calls expire in three months’ time.”

This claim was originally iterated by BambouClub on Twitter:

At some point during the day, after the tweets were released and comments were launched from multiple personalities on ‘Crypto Twitter’ (We hate the name too), Ari David Paul launched a string of responses on his own personal Twitter.

Ari David Paul’s Response

In a tone that could be fairly described as condescending, Ari David Paul launched a thread (his preferred choice of communication on Twitter) stating that:

The remainder of the thread contains mostly ‘posturing’ by asserting knowledge and various links that were/are meant to give the impression that Ari David Paul is an expert in all things related to options trading and that those that had launched derisive remarks toward him or reveled in his supposed failure were merely ignorant of these market trading principles.

Revisiting Prior Issues With Ari David Paul

If you’re unfamiliar with Ari David Paul or you’re a little hazy on the details of who this person is, this next section should serve as an important ‘refresher’ course.

Who is Ari David Paul

In short, he’s a crypto personality that posited himself in a ‘niched’ position within the community via a prominence that was gained primarily as a result of the heightened frenzy in blockchain by investors during 2017.

On paper, Ari David Paul is a fund manager of an entity titled, ‘Block Tower Capital’.

Why People Dislike Ari David Paul

  1. Lack of meaningful content
  2. Pseudo-intellectualism
  3. The pretentious suit in the profile picture.

Oh, and tweets like this:

If you’re unsure what the above tweet means, it isn’t your fault.

We don’t know either.

Recent Scandal with Ari David Paul

A few weeks ago (from the time of writing), a user on ‘Crypto Twitter’, named Kazonomics posted a series of photos that appeared to show Ari David Paul pleading for ‘insider’ information about impending partnerships, deals, exchange listings etc., for cryptocurrency projects in order to gain an advantage on the market.

Traditionally, this type of activity is considered a felony that could and has been prosecuted with a guilty verdict resulting in incarceration.

His misdeeds were exposed in full in a rather cogent article by BambouClub:

Four (Revised) Questions for Ari David Paul of BlockTower Capital

_#NEWS 20 June 2018: Stellar in Talks to Acquire Blockchain Startup Chain. The $500 million acquisition is now public…


Perhaps the trend of trusting people that wear suits in their profile pictures and taking them to be ‘experts’ of some sort will finally die off at some point.

We’re not too optimistic that it will though.

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