$ZIL/BTC Price Analysis (May 11th, 2018) (The Best)

So, $ZIL has been running for a minute:

Up 467% since March 9th, shortly after it dropped on Binance. It’s obviously received a lot of attention because of both its price run and the fact that it seems to be the only coin that’s been running during the entire bear market.

Please be advised that an investment here would more than likely qualify as a severe example of FOMO, but if there’s money to be made, then there’s money to be made. So, let’s check it out:

Fundamental Analysis

This used to be a KuCoin gem for a while.

Let’s do a little background investigation on what this is and how we even got here.

Coin Information

Rank: 23

Type: currency (sending it from A to B)

Price Information

USD Price: $0.18

BTC Price: 0.00002101

USD Volume: $319,194,000.00

USD MarketCap: $1,318,284,287.00

Circulating Supply: 7,286,961,952

Total Supply: 12,600,000,000

Resource Links

Source Code: Here (https://github.com/Zilliqa/Zilliqa)

Chat: Here (https://t.me/zilliqachat)

Website: Here (https://www.zilliqa.com/)

Explorer: Here (https://ethplorer.io/address/0x05f4a42e251f2d52b8ed15e9fedaacfcef1fad27)

Upcoming News & Events

Title: Testnet v2.0

Date: 30 June 2018 (or earlier)

Description: ZIL releases its testnet v2.0 by end of Q2, 2018.

Title: Mainnet Launch

Date: 30 September 2018 (or earlier)

Description: ZIL launches its mainnet by end of Q3, 2018.

HERE’S A BRIEF DESCRIPTION ON WHAT IT IS (This isn’t a full-blown coin analysis — just a ‘what is this?’ analysis. So, don’t wig out if I don’t include everything on God’s green earth about this coin)

According to their Technical Whitepaper

From their technical paper — https://docs.zilliqa.com/whitepaper.pdf

On their website they have even more information that tells a bit about them (once again, this is not a full review — just glossing over here to do some FA).

Source: https://www.zilliqa.com/

Maybe that’s what’s spurred folks on to investing.

Here’s some more information on the same site:

They also have an explorer on the site (https://explorer.zilliqa.com/home) , so here’s the topological information:

According to this, there’s a LOAD of activity on $ZIL.

Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment on Google Trends through the fucking roof in the last week. Which is pretty astounding considering that the trend data had it at ZERO interest at the end of March.

It was at 0 for TWO weeks in a row!
It spiked up to 25 that following week.
Then it went down -30% to a rating score of 17 during the week of April 15th to April 21st.
And stayed there for another week
Before ROCKETING up to 60.
Before eventually settling at a tentative (week isn’t finished quite yet) score of 87.

This is interesting considering that the coin dropped on Binance on March 8th.

Source: https://support.binance.com/hc/en-us/articles/360001411811-Binance-Lists-Round-6-Community-Coin-Winner-Zilliqa-ZIL-

Despite this, interest still fell like a rock until March 31st.

Since May 7th, the sentiment has been soaring through the roof. Which reflects what we’ve seen on Google Trends and elsewhere.

Now, Let’s Go to the Price Analysis:

So, we’ve seen the price boom — let’s zoom forward and see what’s going on.

We’re on the 4H because it hasn’t been trading on Binance long enough for the daily charts to be used here.

So, there was a bump and run pattern exhibited by $ZIL before it fell through and then consolidated for a bit.

Here’s a little filler on what the bump and run is:

Source: http://stockcharts.com/school/doku.php?id=chart_school:chart_analysis:chart_patterns:bump_and_run_reversal_reversal

These are buy signals for me — both of them.

The second picture = a big increase in RSI.

First one — RSI is on its way back up.

Both major positive signs. Over a long period of time as well. Buy signals for sure.

Stoch RSI — %K>%D. Bullish.

Stoch curving upward. Still oversold though.

Chop Indicator running up. But I’d imagine that’s because the price was going down, then spiked up out of nowhere.

CMF going up. This is a measure of buying power, but it’s way better than BoP.


I definitely think it’s still on its way up.

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