PolyMath Research Group Information (New Idea — Try it Out With Me!)

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So, the purpose of this article release is to inform everyone of the PolyMath Research Group that I have created.

“Isn’t that what their Telegram group is?”

No. For the most part, many Telegram channels/groups for various projects in the space are full of shills, long-term hodlers or just ‘lay people’ that are already huge fans of the coins.

I do not want this to turn into a “We Love/Hate PolyMath!” Telegram

The specific purpose of this group is to find out information/research/content. I have provided some preliminary information here, below. I will also contribute more information as I get the time to research in the near future.

I’m going to be creating more and more of these research groups as time goes along in an effort to spur the community to come together to get objective information/facts/research about various coins.

As a writer/journalist in the crypto community, I often times find it to be very difficult to get objective sources of fact regarding certain coins. The project’s team will usually only put out the bare minimum in terms of information, and the folks in their Telegram/Reddit/Discord chats usually aren’t much more informed. There are exceptions, but not enough.

Once again, the purpose of this group is for information/research — not to shill OR to bash. If we find out good news, great. If we find out bad news, great.

The. Main. Purpose. Is. To. Find. Out. The. Truth.

Please only step into this group if you are willing to help move this research group forward without emotion. It’s not about you and it’s not about the coin. Period.

PolyMath Information for the Research Group (For Starters)

Okay, so Polymath, which has been rocketing on the charts lately, is now ranked in the top 100 coins!

#94 (picture quality sucks, I know)

I don’t know anything (not much) about this project at this very moment in time while writing, so this is some preliminary information that I’ve aggregated:

Source Code (can someone with coding experience audit this?): https://github.com/PolymathNetwork

Chat (can someone go in here and get a general feel for what’s going on?): https://t.me/PolymathNetwork

Website (Need someone to get an opinion on this): https://www.polymath.network/

Message Board (are they active? Team doing anything?): https://blog.polymath.network/

Explorer (any TX actually happening on the chain or is it dead like Cardano?): https://ethplorer.io/address/0x9992ec3cf6a55b00978cddf2b27bc6882d88d1ec

Here’s the Polymath website front page (screenshot — link above).

So, they’re a ‘Securities Token Platform’ and they, “Enable trillions of dollars of securities to migrate to the blockchain.”

Not a bad idea at all.

They Do Have a Whitepaper

Here’s the whitepaper link: https://uploads-ssl.webflow.com/5a46fad33472ef00014b540a/5a91a75eb87f26000187b329_Polymath%20White%20Paper-updated_2018_02_23.pdf

Is this an ERC20 token? Can someone look into the whitepaper and see what information they can glean on how this works?

Wait, did a little more research and I’m seeing this here:

This was on their website ^

Something called the ‘ST20’ which they define as, “The Securities Token Standard”

On their website they state:

By the way, this might be unrelated (sorry if this comes off very ADHD), but it appears as though their logo is very similar to that of HitBTC’s (bull picture, blue + polygonal design). Could this spur potential legal issues with the coin between HitBTC and Polymath if $POLY gets bigger than what it is now? Another good question for us to dig into.

Also, who are the developers on this project?

Can we get a bit more detail on what this ST20 token standard that they’re trying to create is? Sounds like it’s trying to create a ‘standard’ in the same way that ERC20 tokens have a standard.

Also, Found This PowerPoint On Their Website Under the ‘Blog’ Section:

Screenshot from the link above.

They Also Have a Blog Too:


Looks like it’s in the style of Medium.

There Are Multiple Guides/Articles On There:










These are just a few of the items that they have on their Medium page (there are several articles — which I have to admit, I like. I’m a big information hog).

I’d love it if we could find more information on the background of this project such as:

What country did this originate from?

Who are the creators?

What prior experience did they have in dealing with securities/cooperating with the SEC to adhere to regulations?

Has the SEC made any statement on this or has the company stated that they have a working relationship with regulating bodies at this point? If so, is there any proof of this?

Does the idea make sense and is it necessary?

Do they have any competitors? (i.e., is there another viable project/ICO in the space that’s looking to do the same thing?) If so, are they further along or behind Polymath in terms of project development?

Is there a roadmap for this project? If so, where?

If you have any other questions, feel free to contribute!

Looking forward to seeing what we can come up with.

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