(Clear Manipulation) Ethereum Price Analysis 5–3–2018

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Source: @aspacehuk(Steemit)

So, I don’t know if there is manipulation for sure, but it certainly seems like it and the indicators make zero sense to me today. So, I’m going to go ahead and post this anyway.

On the 1-Day Chart. Certainly worth noting. Pretty heavy pump considering the fact that the meeting regarding ETH being a security is coming up.

In my opinion, it seems like there is ‘inside information’ that ETH will not be considered a security. The confidence of investment in light of that information is pretty substantial. (Edit: Jack Dorsey didn’t make a statement on ETH — someone else did. I’ll have to find it. Will return to this and update this)

Hmm, gotta check out how things are doing for the RSI (any divergence?) Divergence on Daily = Consolidation/Trend Reversal

I literally can’t make any logic out of ETH’s price run. I don’t think there’s anything organic about this to be completely honest with you

That’s a strong statement to make, but that’s truly how I feel because this shit doesn’t make any sense. Unless investors are pumping the hell out of this thing and are ready to short it when the news hits (which I’m not doubting). It’s a conspiracy theory…but anything is possible in the land of crypto in my opinion.

VPVR is calling bullshit on this as well. Support at $680. (4H TF)
Once again — the run here makes absolutely zero sense. But fuck it, right?

I’m short as short gets on ETH. Glad I have some capital left to pick it up after shit hits the fan soon-ish (if it does).

In my opinion, the news will be very bearish re: securities (people sell in panic).

Or the news is bullish and there’s a minor pump, followed by a massive ‘sell the news’-esque event. Either sounds plausible in my opinion.

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