$BNB Price Analysis 4–3–2018

In terms of $BNB, I noticed this a few weeks ago

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This is the chart that I used when I initially wanted to call $BNB out for some monster gains. (Call at 8727 sats, absurd profits right now lol)

Quick fundamental analysis

Binance is incentivized to actually want to improve the usability of their platform since their profits are not determined by just pumping up the price but instead accruing more $BNB through exchange fees.

In short: Binance doesn’t operate like all these other projects that have a pre-mined # of coins. Those projects have to depend on the price of those coins raising in order to remain sustainable. A lot of projects like that are slow to develop shit because they don’t want to spend a lot of those coins up front to grow their projects because of the idea of, “But what if our coin m00ns? Then those 10 (x)Coin we gave this developer will have been worth $1,000 instead of just $100 now. Let’s wait before we hire these developers and see if we can get the best deal possible because we only have a finite amount of coins!”

Binance doesn’t have to worry about this. Since they charge you fees on the $BNB coin, they’re getting more coin as more people use their platform and they incentivize people to give them more of their coin by making the fees with $BNB WAY cheaper than the fees with $BTC (and trust me, they’re still making a fucking killing).

Back to the Technical Analysis

Remember that chart that I just posted above? Good. Now check this out

Now, let’s look at the 1-week chart (this is from a little whiles back, so this chart may look a bit different now):

Not too clear right now my bad but I think it’s due for another huge bump in price of 800%+ from where it broke out at.

That pattern it’s in right now is an infamous parabolic precursor. Same as the $ADA and $XRP patterns in their runs. Can’t remember the name at the moment, but I think it’s called like the 3-step or something.

Here’s a chart of what Ripple looked like before it blew through the fucking roof.
Here’s also a chart of what $ADA looked like before that blew through the fucking roof as well.

So, to say I’m bullish on $BNB is probably an understatement at this point lol.

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