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You might be tempted to shrug off this hard fork based on the name, ‘Super Bitcoin’. However, it does warrant some attention and a few of the ideas laden within this coin are of merit as well.


This hard fork was initiated at block height 498,888 of the Bitcoin protocol, which occurred on December 14th, 2017. This coin is currently available at; OKEx,, Huobi, Exx, YoBit, bibox, HitBTC, Aex, and bigone.

The prices and volume of trade vary substantially at the time of writing:


BTCC and F2Pool, two major mining pools for Bitcoin are the two major creators of Super Bitcoin. The ‘Super Bitcoin Foundation’ did pre-mine the currency, however.

According to the developers, Super Bitcoin includes: [1] [2]

● SegWit

● Lightning Network compatibility (whenever that releases)

● Bigger block sizes

● ‘Zero-Knowledge’ Proofs

The value laden within these technological innovations cannot be understated. SegWit and Lightning Network, which have both been praised ad nauseum by the Bitcoin community would no doubt be of great interest for those that value these projects on the legacy Bitcoin chain. In addition, for those that believe that increasing the block size is a viable method of increasing scalability, then this coin also provides a much welcome upgrade as well. As noted in our blockchain genesis article, there is a substantial portion of the community that feels that one of the best and most direct methods of scaling the Bitcoin protocol is via increased block sizes.

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