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As mentioned under the Bitcoin Cash review, SegWit2x is the product of the New York Agreement that was inked in 2017 that never happened. The premise of the coin was to be a compromise between the Core community’s desires to implement SegWit and the ‘block-increaser’ desire to increase the size of the blocks that are mined for Bitcoin.

Thus, SesgWit2x was supposed to be a proposed ‘planned’ hard fork of Bitcoin that resulted in an increase of the block size from 1 MB to 2 MB while still allowing SegWit implementation.

Many, however, in the Bitcoin community were diametrically opposed to the premise of SegWit2x entirely because they felt that the meeting between the miners was ‘shady’ and more closely resembled a ‘backroom deal’ than an open-community arrangement of any sort.

This sentiment crippled support for the measure to the extent that it was never able to formally launch.

However, all was not for naught in this situation. In our previous article we theoretized on how the implementation of SegWit would not have occurred if it had not been for the proposition of the New York Agreement (see: ).

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