Cardano Price Analysis 2–25–2018

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Cardano Price Analysis

So, Cardano has been shitting the bed for nearly two months at this point in terms of its BTC and USD(T) value. This is the 12H chart btw.

Let’s take a closer look up here though and see something:

Cardano feels like it’s so close, yet it’s so far at the same time.

Since there haven’t been USD traded pairs for too long on ADA — I felt that it would be better if I switch back over the 4H USD(T) charts using the Trex exchange data.

Okay, so this is the ATR (Average True Range) — let me get you guys a better look at this line with the values smoothed out with the Hulls Moving Average indicator

Alright, so I pulled up the ATR, because that’s a measure of volatility. Essentially, what this indicator is showing us is that the change in price has steadily decreased over time.

Basically, in the beginning of January, the price of ADA was fluctuating widly and plummeting with speed. Now it’s slowed down and leveled out around that 30+ range that we saw in the beginning charts.

This theory that I put forth is corroborated by the Rate of Change indicator on the $ADA coin as well.

— —

So what does this all mean?

$ADA may finally be looking to wake up sooner than later. Once again, as always, volume will be our best friend in this instance.

So, the picture above mostly speaks for itself, but I can narrate anyway:

· The volume actually has increased over the last few periods (4H) — which is positive. We want there to be stronger volume to accompany an upward move.

· The price has been trending upward over the last few periods — that’s how we get that green zone.

· Based on what I’m seeing with the indicators, the movement of the price and the rate of change has come to a halt, so more than likely the downtrend is slowing to a grind as well. This is one of the fundamental precursors to a reversal.

Fundamental Analysis

That roadmap update for $ADA will be crucial. They need some life to be put into this coin ASAP and reverse course from their current decline.

I’ll do some research through their Reddit and ask around to see what happened with the price.

Here’s the post that I put up:

For now, this is a coin that I would advocate people to take a backseat on for a second. See if it breaks trend, if it does, then definitely get in. It’s retraced quite a lot since its peak.

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