Bitcoin Minor Forks

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While there have been a number of major forks that have occurred, there are also a substantial number of ‘minor’ forks that have occurred over the last year as well. These forks typically are initiated by much smaller teams and take up way less, if any, hasing power (PoW) from the network that the forks are related to.

BitcoinX (BCX)

LiteBitcoin (LBTC)

Bitcoin Platinum (BTP)

Bitcoin God (GOD)

Bitcoin Cash Plus (BCP)

Bitcoin Uranium (BUM)

Bitcoin Atom (BCA)

Bitcoin Scrypt (BTCS)

United Bitcoin (UBC)

● Bitcoin Oil (OBTC)

Bitcoin White (BTW)

Bitcoin Silver (BTCS)

Bitcoin Faith (BTF)

Bitcoin Top (BTT)

Bitcoin File (BIFI)

Bitcoin Segwit2X X11 (B2X)

● Bitcoin Pizza (BPA)

● Bitcoin Smart (BCS)

Bitcoin Interest (BCI)

● Quantum Bitcoin (QBTC)

Bitcoin LITE (BTCL)

Bitcoin Ore (BCO)

Bitcoin Private (BTCP)

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