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According to its press releases, Bitcoin Diamond is a hard fork of Bitcoin that was designed to address the inherent privacy issues laden within Bitcoin by implementing an innovative encryption process that is designed to mask the passage of transactions from one party (wallet) to another.

This fork was released at the block height of 495,866, which occurred on November 24th, 2017. However, there have been massive criticisms of the Bitcoin Diamond concept, design and efficacy of their proposed offering. One of the biggest criticisms was the fact that the coin did not have any GitHub entries before launch.

This claim, unfortunately, was not debunked, but the coin’s dev team did make sure to add in the necessary information within the repositories at a later date.

The coin is, however, on a substantial number of exchanges at this point and pretty easy to purchase. Currently, the coin is listed on: Binance, YoBit,, and many others!

As you can see above, the price (USD) of the coin has depreciated substantially since its initial launch on November 24th, 2017. Given the fact that there are several other coins available currently that address the privacy issues that Bitcoin Diamond claims to address, there doesn’t seem to be a niche being fulfilled by the cryptocurrency that wasn’t being served previously by those alternatives (i.e., ZClassic or Monero).

The supply of Bitcoin Diamond coins stands at 210 million or a 10:1 Bitcoin Diamond to Bitcoin ratio. Since Bitcoin’s supply is fixed at approximately 21 million coins, Bitcoin Diamond’s ratio of 1:10 coins seems to be an effort to give investors a comparable number of coins in order to maintain this proportion between their supply and the legacy chain’s supply.

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