Bitcoin Classic

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Despite the failure of Bitcoin XT, this did not discourage the community from attempting yet another hard fork of Bitcoin.

Mike Hearn actually alluded to this in his farewell piece:

Born in 2016, much of the same sentiment that manifested Bitcoin XT was also prevalent in Bitcoin Classic, as Mike Hearn noted above.

The website itself,, still possesses the coin’s original initiative. See the screenshot from the homepage below:

In terms of the developers, the site states:

· In terms of changes to the consensus rules, Bitcoin Classic introduced a more tempered block size increase of 2MB rather than the initial 8 MB proposed by Bitcoin XT.

· In addition, it modified the TX format to something called ‘FlexTrans’ to address the issue of transaction malleability (something that SegWit is supposed to address as well).

· ‘Xthin-blocks’ was a new implementation that was designed to address the ‘block propagation’ issue still present in Bitcoin today.

Bitcoin Classic eventually introduced the idea of block-size voting, which relies on the principle of variable block size.

However, in the end, the project was shut down voluntarily in favor of advocating for the Bitcoin Cash project, which the development team states that it believes will fulfill Satoshi’s original vision as expressed in his whitepaper release.

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