Cool Resources and Information Related to Blockchain Tech <- Good resource for just learning about the tech. I know I’ve been emphasizing the tech a lot since I started posting in these recent hours, but I can’t stress enough how fundamental this is to navigating through cryptocurrency. This is the stuff that gives you a super big picture of what’s going on and a better understanding of where certain coins stand.

Plus these people on social media either don’t know what the fuck they’re talking about or someone is running around putting money in their pocket to boost some random coin to you 24/7. Take no one’s word for it.

Another solid article on how to do proper research —

Active node charts —

Why is this useful? ^

So next time you hear crazy reports coming out of Russia, Korea, China, or whatever talking about a crypto crackdown — you can monitor node activity (you can definitely include miners in active nodes for BTC) and see if there’s been an actual downturn if something crazy happens. This can also help you see the evolution of some smaller cap coins as well.

They got coin explorers on this website, detailed statistics on average fees, block height, etc… Very valuable site. I’d remember that url ^

Check this out:

I circled that specific number for a reason — a solid # of those coins mined must be liquidated in some market or somewhere for these mining farms to continue running. This is essentially their payoff for the equipment they’ve purchased and the overhead costs they incur for mining the coins themselves.

Thus, the market always needs incoming cash. That’s just principle.

Another thing to check out — from the same site

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