Price Analysis for Various Cryptocurrencies 2–27–2018


This is what Bitcoin initially looked like when I viewed it just a few hours ago from the time of writing:

I mentioned that one should be careful whenever trying to trade something that has been bumping that resistance level repeatedly.

The more a resistance is tested, the more valid it becomes.


There’s also an inherent lesson that can be learned in $BTC USD as well.

Check out this picture below:

Okay, so here’s $BTC USD 4H — Let’s address something here that’s been a COMMON misconception from traders.

Yes, there is a reverse H&S pattern (reversal).

This reversal doesn’t last THAT long.

Reversal does not mean breaking trend.

Conclusion: That move is done.

However, as of the time of me writing this, it looks like $BTC definitely broke this resistance:

Wow, major move for $BTC USD out the cut
That $10.7k is now the new resistance point — 10.3k (where it was) is now the support for the time being — we’ll have to see.
Just a better visual of what I was describing above with $BTC USD

Ripple ($XRP)

$XRP USD 4H — Ya’ll already things tend to break out of these continuation patterns in the direction of the prevailing trend right? If that’s the case with $XRP — then the next volume bump means it’s on its way down.

Two plays here — it breaks up go long. It breaks south, short

OmiseGO ($OMG)

More education and food for thought to bring back home with you


Wow, did I nail $NEO or what? This was called last night at $119 —


This is what I would anticipate, based on what I’m seeing. $NEO USD 12H ^


$EOS 12H USD in a perpetual backslide.

Look out for the RoC (rate of change) and the ATR (average true range) indicators to start picking back up w more volume and an upward move before even considering a long on this.

If it’s possible to short it, short it.

Descending Channel — $EOS 12H USD
Average True Range for $EOS


$XLM BTC 12H (first picture) + $XLM USD 12H (second picture) — Looks like it’s just waiting to get off

Ethereum Classic ($ETC)

$ETC USD 12H ready to get it cracking and break out and moon up? Let’s see.

Can’t forget the $CLO airdrop is on its way soon — lot of hype regarding that.

Litecoin $LTC

LTC USD 4H — I told people yesterday that $LTC USD had rode out its wave and that investing in the $220’s would not be a prudent idea. I didn’t think it would dump, but certainly no gains to be had. Link to that analysis:

Bitcoin Cash ($BCH)

$BCH 4H USD — Forgive me for using so many lines here — $BCH is right under a temporary resistance (was support before it broke under a coule days ago)

I’d wait to see if the price is actually going to break before anticipating a greater move.

Nothing in the volume or candlesticks or elsewhere is making me anticipate that there is a greater move lying in the cut here.

Cardano ($ADA)

$ADA USD 4H — It’s trying with all its might to break that long ass downtrend. It’s nudging right on it.

We’re going to have to look at a few more indicators before we can note anything definitive regarding Cardano

$ADA USD 4H This speaks for itself, but watch out for the fact that the last green candle on this chart has a lower shadow — that’s usually almost always a bearish indicator.

$ADA USD 4H This speaks for itself, but watch out for the fact that the last green candle on this chart has a lower shadow — that’s usually almost always a bearish indicator.

EMA 50 right over top of the $ADA USD 4H to serve as out point of resistance if it does try to break out.

This is definitely the case with the Ichimoku on $ADA USD 4H

However, the conversion (blue) line crossed over the base (red) line = Bull signal.

Conversion (blue) line is < price = bull signal

Watch out for the leading span A (bottom of the cloud) ← that’s the resistance.

$ADA USD 4H — MACD looks good.

If you ask me, $ADA USD has the momentum to break this trend. Watch this coin! Set an alarm for like 34–36 cents. If it breaks there, then its off to the races for this coin

Ethereum ($ETH)

For all intents and purposes, it appears as though $ETH USD 4H may be headed directly for that Fib level that hangs just above the price to test the $926 mark.

That wraps-up today’s review of the top coins for right now!

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