Empirical Evidence That Omise OmiseGO Have Created Fake Executives in Their Company’s Structure

After I posted my other Medium article (here’s the link: https://medium.com/@cryptomeds/omisego-is-one-of-the-most-audacious-attempts-at-centralization-ive-ever-seen-9557fc6d07c5), the visceral reaction I got from the community was to be expected.

However, what took me by surprise was the fact that many people felt that the research that I had done on the executives was ‘shoddy’ or poorly done. Therefore, I decided to take it upon myself to curate an entirely separate article dedicated to covering the fraudulent behavior of Omise OmiseGO on its website.

I believe that the proof that I have provided below is absolutely undeniable. Some may still refute it, but anyone of rational and sound mind will agree with me that the evidence shows that they’ve fabricated the identities and resumes of at least three of their core executives. If this is not the case, then I believe they are, at the very least, guilty of hiring individuals whose work history cannot be verified.

In my opinion, this should draw serious scrutiny from all investors regarding the reliability of Omise OmiseGO and their ability to fulfill any of their promises for the $OMG coin.

This article is primarily about an individual named Sanjeev Kumar whom Omise claimed was on its executive team throughout 2017. There are other executives whose CVs and “credentials” have proven to be entirely fake, but this is by far the most egregious example. I can’t even confirm if this individual actually exists somewhere in the world.

Below is a synopsis:

Someone contacted me on Twitter recently and sent me this Medium article about Sanjeev Kumar: https://medium.com/dropdeck/advisors-joining-dropdeck-io-1ca62baa4dcf

Here’s a screenshot from that Medium article:

Wait, let’s scroll in closer:

So, it says:

· Former Chief Product & Marketing Officer OmiseGO

· Former Executive Visa Cybersource

· Formerly held various leadership positions at Google, Elavon, ANZ Bank & Capgemini

So, let’s just verify these claims, shall we?

#1 — This is a Medium Article. Anyone can produce a Medium Article.

Let’s see if we can find any objective evidence from these companies that he worked at Visa Cybersource as an executive, shall we? That’s a REALLY big position, so there will most certainly be information somewhere on the internet to corroborate this.

Let’s check Google!

Here’s the link to my first Google search query: https://www.google.com/search?biw=1127&bih=954&ei=knWCWt63Oamzggf5lJLYAg&q=cybersource+executive+sanjeev+kumar&oq=cybersource+executive+sanjeev+kumar&gs_l=psy-ab.3…11367.16633.0.16717.….0…1.1.64.psy-ab..4.36.2908…0j0i67k1j0i131k1j0i10k1j0i131i67k1j0i22i30k1j33i160k1j33i21k1.0.eeO07ah7ThM

There isn’t one, objective source that isn’t tied into a promotional advertisement for Omise (which they most likely paid for) that yields evidence that Sanjeev was ever with Visa Cybersource

As a matter fact, its still almost impossible to find any OBJECTIVE information about Sanjeev.

Let’s see if we can find out about the executives at Visa Cybersource:

So there’s clearly information that Visa Cybersource has about its executives.

Bizarre! Nothing comes up! Did they forget about him? Surely they’d have information or SOMETHING regarding one of their EXECUTIVES at the company.

Just to make sure that there were listings, I added in Michael Bradley (whom is also listed as being with Omise):

Source: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jmbradley1/

As you can see, his positions and tenured time at Visa are clearly listed.

What happens when we look for him on the Cybersource website?

Source: http://search.cybersource.com/search?q=Michael+Bradley&client=www-cybs-en-us-frontend&proxystylesheet=www-cybs-en-us-frontend&site=www-cybs-en-us&output=xml_no_dtd&cybsguid=undefined&ie=UTF-8&ulang=en&ip=

Funny, we have results for Michael Bradley. Why are there NO results for Sanjeev? Did Visa forget about him?

Speaking of executive, why don’t we ever receive the name of the formal position he held? Shouldn’t that be somewhere?

But while we’re on the topic of Michael Bradley — we need to call him out for fudging the amount of time he claimed to work for Visa Cybersource.

Fraudulent/Fake Credentials for J. Michael Bradley

Bloomberg also has business information on J. Michael Bradley:

As you can see here, no mention of having a VP role at Visa…Ever.

What makes this more reliable than his LinkedIn? A couple things.

Exhibit 1:

In case you can’t read that — it says, “The information and data displayed in this profile are created and managed by S&P Global Market Intelligence, a division of S&P Global. Bloomberg.com does not create or control the content. For inquiries, please contact S&P Global Market Intelligence directly by clicking here.”

Are they reliable? I’d say so, but let’s see some information on what they would do:

Source: https://www.bloomberg.com/research/stocks/private/snapshot.asp?privcapId=587124

Remember those articles that were in the search from Cybersource? They only list him as a managing director as well:

Source: https://www.cybersource.com/about/news_and_events/archive/2014/3981/
Source: https://www.cybersource.com/about/news_and_events/archive/2013/2539/
Source: https://www.cybersource.com/about/news_and_events/archive/2013/2632/ 7

Mind you, Visa already owned this company at the point in time that those publications were released, so it would’ve announced if he were truly VP at Visa.

So, fraud #2 caught.

Back to Sanjeev Kumar

Someone told me I was an idiot for expecting to get results on him using Google (English version), despite the fact that Visa Cybersource is clearly an English-speaking company and every executive speaks English and Omise’s company information is entirely in English as well.

So, I decided to take it a step further:

Even when searching for that, I found no information.

I even went to the Google domain SPECIFICALLY catered to Thailand (see the domain address).

Well, let’s see if we can find anything about him working with Google! That Medium Article said that he formerly held various leadership positions at Google, Elavon, ANZ Bank & Capgemini.

Surely, at least ONE of those sources would have some evidence of this!

No results or indicators he ever worked at Google: https://www.google.com/search?q=Sanjeev+kumar+Google&oq=Sanjeev+kumar+Google+&aqs=chrome..69i57j69i59j69i60l3j0.5700j0j4&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8

Google would most certainly have a public record of this because it’s a publicly traded company and all publicly traded companies MUST divulge such information (even former employees) under current and former U.S. Law:


Trust me, I looked.

You can even check out this link here: https://research.google.com/researchers.html

And no, it’s not this guy:

I did find this information here:

Source: https://twitter.com/GlobalPaySummit/status/888186829257789440

That one like came from the parent company of $OMG — Omise

What’s even stranger is that they said this individual, Sanjeev Kumar, was at the Global Payment Summit in July of 2017 and that he was still with the company at that point. What happened?

But after digging around, I finally found this!

So I visited the LinkedIn link for Sanjeev Kumar from the page, which is located here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sanjeeva21/

Here’s what we got here:

Let’s start from the bottom and work our way up, shall we?


He listed ‘University of Mysore’

Source: https://www.umaa.in/dir/member/s.dz

No ‘Sanjeev’ or ‘Sanjeev Kumar’ or any other similar variation can be found whatsoever in the alumni directly. Strange.

His first piece of work experience lists ‘Technical Consultant’ at company — CapGemini

No Results on Him

Interestingly enough…I did find a few other Sanjeev Kumar named people that worked there:

Source: https://www.linkedin.com/search/results/people/?company=capgemini&firstName=Sanjeev+Kumar&lastName=&origin=SEO_SN

I looked up whether Sanjeev Kumar worked at ANZ at all between 2000–2004. I didn’t find that information, but I did find this:

Source: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sanjeev-kumar-3807243a/

I mention the alternative individuals named Sanjeev Kumar to emphasize the fact that companies/entities that run this scam often co-opt names from other people that have legitimately worked in these places in hopes that folks will simply see the result of the name with the company and assume that this listing represents the individual that they are looking for.

For instance, in those two companies that I listed above, I don’t think it is a coincidence that there were other individuals in there named Sanjeev Kumar. I believe that was done on purpose to ‘throw off’ people who aren’t looking into this issue that closely.

Moving Forward:

Let’s see if he was an IT Delivery Head at Elavon:

I found nothing to corroborate this information here.

I’ve already covered the Google information.

Make your own conclusions about this information and take from it what you will. This is just a thorough rebuttal for everyone that’s claimed that I “didn’t do my research” or that I “don’t know how to Google”.

I’m not sure who Sanjeev Kumar is, but he doesn’t exist. That’s obvious. There’s no record of him in any of the positions that he holds. This means that VeriMe should be under serious scrutiny.

Believe it or not, other coins in the cryptocommunity have done similar things to Omise:

Here’s a link to a recent example of a company that fraudulently curated fake individuals to serve as ‘executives’ for their company: https://www.thedailybeast.com/cryptocurrency-company-that-scammed-investors-was-run-by-fake-people

But Vitalik (Ethereum) and Joseph Poon (Lightning Network) are working with them!

They’re listed as advisers, yes. However, that doesn’t discount the possibility that they may simply be unaware of who they’re dealing with. They were also only brought in to help work on the whitepaper. They are not developing the technology for this coin at all. It’s more than plausible that they paid the necessary money to those two developers to get them on board with the team in order to bolster legitimacy.

This wouldn’t be the first time that this happened either ^. See: Prodeum — https://www.wired.com/story/cryptocurrency-scams-ico-trolling/

Also, the stunning lack of commits in the last two months for a project that claims it has a new wallet release due anytime in Q1 2018 (delayed from Q4 2017).


Am I saying that $OMG is a complete scam? No. But I am saying that this raises a significant number of red flags for me and it should do the same for anyone else in the cryptosphere. It should call into question whether the company has anywhere near the amount of competence to initiate such a project — I don’t care of Vitalik or Joseph Poon are on the job or not. Neither Plasma nor the Lightning Network are anywhere close to release yet and those projects have significantly more developers working on than Omise has working on the $OMG development.

$OMG, to this point, has still failed to provide any proof that they are any closer to creating this tech than they were when they released their ICO.

Therefore, I stand by my previous Medium article criticism of this company, entirely. I provided this article with the hopes of clarifying that I did wealth of research in my curation of the former article. I hope that this will receive the attention necessary in the community to prompt investors in the coin to seriously question Omise and urge them to be more transparent about their intentions.

That is all.

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